Diet for cutting while on steroids...

  1. Diet for cutting while on steroids...

    When I cut down naturally last time, I had my carbs very low (3 day cycle... 50g, 50g, 150g load). My fat loss results were excellent with this diet, but I feel it might be too restrictive for a cutting cycle with gear.

    This time around, I'm going to run test cyp (750/wk) and tren E (400/wk) with 50mcg t3 ED on cycle and rotate 2 weeks of ECA with 2 weeks of Helios injects to help clear up some fat on my abs. (I have experience with gear, just not on a restrictive diet... only used to bulk before)

    Do you think it would be a good idea to keep carbs moderate for the cycle because i will be using gear? Maybe 150g per low day with 300g on a load? I'm going to keep protein high at around 400g per day and keep fat minimal (30g including fish oils and flax).

    Stats: 6'8, 303 pounds, bf% around 18-20%

    Any input would be appreciated! Thanks

  2. I dont have a good answer, but I think if the fat loss was good before then I can't see that gear would make that much of a difference as far as carbs specifically.

    Just as a question, if you had good sucess last time without the T3, why adding it this time?

  3. I wasn't sure if any harm could be caused from being on gear with extra low carbs. If not, then I think the same diet I did last time would be great for me again, except slightly higher calories because of my weight increase. I just posted to make sure I wouldn't be putting my health at risk because of the low carbs on gear.

    As for T3, I remember reading an article (may have been on a board that is no longer up since op raw deal) about how the metabolism increase provided by T3 helps your body use protein more efficiently and would actually help increase muscle while on a diet. (I dont have a link, sorry)

    I ran T3 while bulking for that purpose (and to try and prevent too much fat gain) and have a lot extra laying around. I figured I'd try it out on a diet (every little bit helps IMO). The gear should prevent any muscle loss that would be seen from T3 if taken alone.

  4. Yeah, I'm just iffy on T3 as far as potential for damage goes. I guess if I got prescription cytomel tabs i'd feel different, somehow the research liquid is scarier

  5. Check my carb cycling post, a few threads down. This is ideal for cutting, and is more tolerable while on juice.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Yeah, I'm just iffy on T3 as far as potential for damage goes. I guess if I got prescription cytomel tabs i'd feel different, somehow the research liquid is scarier
    Yes I agree with you. It is impossible to insure a daily dose of only 12.5mcg w/ Research Chems.

    12.5mcg per day from a split 25mcg precription pill works well and adds to thyroid metabolism w/o shutting it down (still over time you'll get a reduction in natural output which will bounce back when you stop taking T3).

    With Research Chems you can't really beneficially ride the supression vs addition rail.

  7. well, you had me hunting for it. this book excerpt has a little data on the protein turnover under T3

    Human Protein Metabolism - Google Book Search

    doses ranging to as high as 150ug a day.


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