Quick Weight Loss!!! Help Needed

  1. Quick Weight Loss!!! Help Needed

    Hello, I wanted some info about loosing weight quickly..i have read many of the threads and they have all helped...im not too much over weight but would like to loose as much fat as possible before christmas!! That leaves me roughly three weeks... I have started Hydroxycut and Ventolin (Clen)....is mixing the two bad for me or my liver? My Diet is a strict high protein low carb diet..I am trying to do light cardio in the mornings with light weight lifting in the afternoons...(Work gets me tired but im trying!!!)

    I am 6'0, 205lbs, with an estimated 15-20% bodyfat....Always have been athletic until the past year where i have gained all this fat and weight due to work and my laziness...starting to get back to my old self but would really like to loose some weight quickly before Xmas so my fam doesnt make fun of me..haha...

    thanks for the help everyone....

  2. Watch your blood pressure more than anything while mixing those two.
    As far as your diet, drop your carb intake on nwo days to as near to zero as you can, no carbs in the evening either.

    On your cardio, switch from light cardio to doing sprints or some kind of interval training. Also, ever do weighted lunges? Start likin' them cause they work your major muscles on your lower half. It will really throw your metabolism into high gear, you'll be hungry as hell, but if you moderate your diet, you'll really drop the pounds.

  3. Thanks for the help...

    I appreciate the info, Oh how I hate weighted lunges lol, remembered those days in highschool football...but if it works it works....I def will change my morning cardio, was just starting light to get used to it again and after a week i think im ready to accelerate....

    What about L-Carnitine? Ive been told its a great fat shredder.....Any info on that? It seems like a lot to mix to me but I really dont know..

  4. I don't think the L-carnitine will do much.
    You should do a bit more research and watch for blood pressure and heart issues as mentioned above. This will not be bad for your liver but will make your heart race, could raise bp and could cause adrenal burnout.
    Ventolin is a brand name for albuterol, by the way, not clenbuterol.

  5. yea your right, but isnt albuterol and clen the same or similar? its actually salbutamol......maybe its better if i just do one at a time....



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