Calorie Cycling..

  1. Calorie Cycling..

    Lately I have really been trying to stuff as much knowledge as I can about dieting so that I can get this stuff down perfectly. I am doing good so far but came across an interesting strategy in a few different sources. I have heard of it before but don't understand why it would help at all. It has to do with cycling how many calories you have day to day. A sample of this would be like this.

    (this is calories for days 1-7 assuming your maintenance number of calories is 3000 and the second set of numbers represents protein/carb/fat percentages for the day)

    1900 (65/25/10)
    2400 (65/20/15)
    3000 (55/35/10)
    3200 (45/40/15)
    4200 (35/50/15)
    3700 (25/65/10)
    2600 (55/35/10)

    Most of the people report a drop in body fat levels when doing this. The people writing about this mostly say its a way of depleting then restoring glycogen levels on a regular basis. Again I don't see how this could be of any use.

  2. Youve read the theories about leptin and refeeds over at par deuses board right? This is a primitive version of that before they understood the mechanisms by which it worked. On the low calorie days your leptin decreases and then when you refeed on the high calorie days youre leptin levels rebound but your overall calrie deficit is still maintained. All in all use swoles ideas or dantes ideas or pars ideas before you use an antiquated diet like this. Par has good articles on leptin in his monthly mag I suggest you read them.

  3. I can see the idea behind it, although I can't comment on its efficiency. It seems like they are trying to incorporate frequent refeeds to keep leptin levels up, metabolism, shock the body etc etc...

    The major problem I see is that if someones BMR is 3,000 cals per day, over the week they are never creating a caloric deficit of more than 1500 cals over two days. After the first two days, you are at maintenance or over the lmit until you hit the last day.

  4. like I said its antiquated

  5. Right magg, that was my idea for the reasoning behind the layout... Personally, I would like to see results from someone who has tried this specific spread. I would imagine that the overall results, despite the fact that its antiquated would be more suitable for someone in the lower body fat ranges. People up in the teen bf% need not utilize something like this IMO unless they have trouble sticking to their diet.

  6. people with higher bf already have higher leptin so it is unnecesary for them to refeed as often or as completely

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  7. yeah i wasnt planning on trying the diet i just couldnt figure out the reasoning behind it.. i see the idea of the leptin though.. leptigen p2 seems like it is going to be a great product, however, i am questioning its muscle sparing qualities.

  8. high leptin IS muscle sparing therefore if it works you will spare muscle I dont see how you can question that

  9. okay i read more about the leptigen product and see your point now.. didnt realize that it actually helped release leptin to fool your body into thinkin it was fed..


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