Drive-RPM/ Forslean question

  1. Drive-RPM/ Forslean question

    Truly one of the better supp/stacks i've had, would reccomend especially to students.

    However, I know some people were having issues with gas/GI disfunction. Morning clarity and concentration is great, then workout intensity and focus is amazing, but I could supply a small town with an energy source as methane in the evening.

    have tried simethicone with little help, PLEASE help as this supp has been great, but this side effect is extremely detrimental for me.

  2. one thing that will help is initial rampup of dosage. Forskolin is definitely like that, and it does seem like once you have started being irritated you dont become acclimatized very easily. Whereas if you stop entirely and then ramp up over a 4-5 day period, its much better.

    Also it could be other diet related things. Whats your normal first meal after taking them (both in particular as well as timespan)?

  3. 6'0" 178, 22yo, student, lost 25 lbs in last 3 mo.

    I usually wake up around 7, take 2 DRIVE, around 7:45 down a protein shake or an egg-sub, veggie-meat ommlette and a piece of fruit.
    Class from 8-12 with a protein shake at 10. at 12 take the 2-DRIVE/3-RPM, 12:30 eat a pretty low carb lunch (usually a carb balance tortilla with meat, greens, ff cheez, ff mayo) and then work out. Post-workout I have a protein shake with some fruit and then 2-3 more meals for the rest of the night.

    I don't drink milk much anymore, but I grew up on it and have never suspected any kind of lactose intolerance.

    Just started this diet 3 months ago and I have been very strict and have been carb cycling usually W and Sat. No change in gas production noticeable during anything, it just sucks!

    I notice the gas a little bit during class (sucks for my classmates) but right after the workout, i'm like a gas factory for the rest of the night.

    Thanks for the reply, anyone who has heard ANYTHING please let me know.

  4. Protein shakes tend to do it for me more than other things. not much way around it tho.

  5. Ive had person experience with the GI problem in Drive and RPM. What I did was I started off at 6 caps per day. I had some stomach issues. The problems started to diminish after awhile but it was still there. After day 10 of cAMP loading phase, you drop the Drive dosage down to 4 caps per day. It solved the stomach issues that I was having.

    I can relate to you on the protien thingy man. I can drink milk no problem, no lactose intolerance but when it comes to protien, especially I find the cheaper brands of protien, I get problems with stomach and almost an allergic reaction to it. I cant take protien shakes like ON whey and muscle milk. sucks

  6. there's just so much to think about, it's crazy. I've been taking the cheap wal-mart brand with no problem, but they just jacked up the price from 25-34 bucks... gas prices my ass.

    I did about 3 hours of research on the forskolin, with no one coming up with any good ways to stop the gas, I guess i'll try ramping up the dosage and see what happens... hopefully i don't take off like a rocket, although that would be pretty sweet.

  7. what are your dosages like right now agian? 4 caps per day?

  8. yes, 4/day, thought maybe it would change whether or not i was on an empty stomach, again no change noticeable.


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