6'2 210lbs trying to get toned and ...

  1. 6'2 210lbs trying to get toned and ...

    Hey yall i'm 6'2 and around 210lbs. I have been working out for a while with min. results. Then I found this site and found out I wasnt eating enough. I am working out 5 days a week 3 days intense. Does anyone have any tips on a good diet to get toned and add some mass.

  2. first post what your current diet and training is like and we can critique it from there. also there are alot of forums on different diets. feel free to search them
    welcome to the site

  3. i am in the same boat as you. really what ive been doing is cutting out carbs except for the morning. and eating/drinking alot of protein (iso pure low carb) and now im trying out the new lipo-6. i am 6'2'' and around 205 pounds. im cutting back on the beer drinking and everything else, and riding the bike or walking for 30-45 min 3x a week. ive lost some of my gut already.

  4. All the information you are looking for is on here, just gotta search. Trust me you will have no problem finding tons of info.

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