newbie that is stuck

  1. newbie that is stuck

    I have recently went from about 240 to 160. I still have lower fat on abs and i cannot lose anything else. My calorie intake is about 1500 a day at least 200 grams of protein. I have tried cardio but i get winded walking and working out, much less riding a bike or running. I have tried to improve it little by litlle but to no prevail. I lift weights 4 times a week and dont know what else to do.

  2. First of all, Welcome to AM and congrats on your success! 240 to 160 that is amazing!

    Winded walking? Asthma? Smoker?

  3. thanks. nope not a smoker asthma dont know about. asked doctor and he didnt seem to worried

  4. Did you lose the weight in a short period of time? or gradually?

    Could it be excess skin?

    How tall are you? And do you happen to know your BF% (body fat)? Age?

    How much cardio can you actually do? (distance or time)

  5. im 5 8 and i lost it in about a 11 months. no i dont know bf % i walk everyday but i have to break it down in about 5-8 minute increments so i try to do that 4 times a day

  6. You have a BMI (body mass index) of 24, which is considered normal or healthy weight.

    With the information you have given, you should be able to do a bit more cardio.

    Are you taking any supplements (or medications)?

    At this time, the only thing I can suggest is to just slowly/gradually increase your cardio, to help with your breathing.

    Anyone else have any other suggestions?

  7. Taking opti vitamins, creatine, and just got done with worthless lg science stack.

  8. hey, i lost a bunch of weight like that too,and was on a very low calorie diet. it ended up that to be able to do cardio and keep burning fat i had to eat a little more cuz my body was shutting down when i put a strain on it. I had zero energy, was winded when i did cardio and felt like i was gonna die. Ate a little more food everyday, i just added some slow digesting carbs and another serving a of meat a day, after a week or so i was able to start hitting the cardio and lost some more bf.

  9. Your Cals are still extremely low.

    I would go for a period of maintenance or slightly above cals, for a week or 2.


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