stupid running question.

  1. stupid running question.

    hey all i had a question. How do you guys continue to run and not feel so hungry? When i was running I was helllllllllla hungry eventho i tried to keep my diet in check. Are there foods that will help curb the appetite so one doesn't over eat? Once i stopped running, i ended up eating so little, but when i was running every am, my appetite was insane.


  2. I add more fibrous vegetables and eat oats as my primary carb source.
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  3. self control.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wastedwhiteboy2 View Post
    self control.
    If you can accomplish this then you will do great haha...I run about 2 miles in the morning every day i just drink 16-24 oz of cold water 20-30 min before i run and then when i get home eat some egg whites and after that chase it with some more cold water. I'm no expert but I know that might help a little bit

  5. Or you could take some form of appetite suppressant. I am getting up in the mornings at 6 and taking Dialene 4 and drinking about a liter of water. I literally do not get hungry until about 11:30 but I drink a protein shake anyway at about 8:15.

  6. If you eat every 2.5 - 3 hours and make sure you eat fiborous veggies, things like oatmeal, nuts, rice, chicken, then there is no reason to ever feel hungry. I'm always full when I eat.


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