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    OK... I have ben using FITDAY to log ALL my foods and everything I consume for two weeks now. I entered all the custom foods to be sure the nutritional values were dead on accurate. Not only does it say that I am 1000 calories deficient on a day to day basis but i am losing NO weight. I am on a 40/40/20 diet now but was originally on a 50/35/15 pro/carb/fat diet for the first week.....what am I doing wrong. Cardio is 15-20 min 5 days a week. and I lift for 45 min. 6 days a week. Protein intake is between 200-300 grams a day. i am 6 foot and 222 lbs. Approximately 17% BF. Currently on a Halo/Trenaplex pulse at 75/60 mgs M/W/F respectively. Water intake is 1 gallon a day. Lifestyle is mechanical work that involoves climbing and strenuous turning of wrenches. I take glutamine, a multi, protein shakes, bars, lots of egg and meat proteins. Whole grain carbs, fruits.....etc. I am getting very discouraged that I have made 1 lb of progress.....any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Just a bump with some more saysd that my BMR is 2800 cals......I can bearly get to that eaaach the problem that I am actuallly not eating enough? That sounds insane but i guess it is possible that my body is in starvation mode...please soome body give me your insight.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kjkriston View Post
    Just a bump with some more saysd that my BMR is 2800 cals......I can bearly get to that eaaach the problem that I am actuallly not eating enough? That sounds insane but i guess it is possible that my body is in starvation mode...please soome body give me your insight.
    Okay, you are 222. How many cal's total do you eat each day as is?

    The Historic PES Legend

  4. you should maybe look at your meals, and when you time them.

    also check your portions within those meals, i can say im getting 2000 calories a day and should be losing weight, but if most of those calories are coming from two meals, spaced far apart from each other, it might not be the best way to do things.

    some people say 6 meals a day, some people say to space your meals 2 hours apart, im not sure whats right, but eating one huge meal that consists of most of your calories is exactly how sumo wrestlers eat.

    im not saying youre doing that, but there must be more to it.

    oh, two weeks you said? just give it more time maybe, your body might just need to adjust to the changes youve made in your diet.

  5. You need to eat 6-7 small meals a day to keep your metabolism running all day.... You say lot's of eggs.... That would mostly be egg whites right? I have 4-5 egg whites and one full egg every morning.....

  6. yes lots of egg whites...I am currently struggling to get 2800 cals each day. I eat all day long, 6 meals and 2 shakes, and two snacks....I am gonna keep to it but I dont understand. Especially the fact that I supposedly burn 4000 a dasy according to fitday. WTF is wrong with this picture?

    And of that 2800 cals I am getting roughly 220 grmas of protein...sometimes higher.

  7. How many grams of carbs are you taking in per day?

    Also 15-20 minutes isn't really that much cardio. Normally when you are trying to lose fat you should go AT LEAST a half an hour. Preferably HIIT on a treadmill or something along those lines.

  8. here is what I took in yesterday:
    2651 calories ( BMR is 2800)
    291 g protein ( an exceptional day for me.)
    235 g Carbs
    61 grams of fat

    20 min. 6 mph run on treadmill
    1 hour lifting

    I understand about the cardio...however...seeing as though I am not even getting my BMR calories.....I dont see the point...

    EDIT: I just used a different BMR calculator that put me at around 2200....a far far cry from fitdays 2800....hmmm...this is interesting now

  9. WOW...either fitday is way off or this calculator I am using is off....This says my daily intake to maintain my weight is like 3100 roughly...I was being very leanient on my activity level....anyone have an opinion on fitdays accuracy?

  10. Not sure how accurate this thing is, but ive seen alot of people recommend it on other sites:

    How many calories can I eat?

  11. I had this exact same problem. I was using all the standard calculations for how much I should eat in order to lose weight and did it for 7 weeks and made very little progress at all.

    I was getting pretty discouraged and I had read an article about how some people have more effecient metabolisms then others. Those people can gain mass without eating as much and in order to cut weight they need to eat less then most people. Over the years I have realized that I can gain muscle without eating tons of cals like I see most people do so I figured I may just have a more efficient metabolism.

    What I did was basically take my daily caloric intake at the time (2100) and used it as my new maintenance calorie intake since I had been eating that for several weeks without gaining or losing weight.

    I then used this to get an estimate of my BF%.
    Body-Mass Index, Waist-to-Height Ratio and More...

    After that I applied a formula from this article to determine my maximum dietary deficit for fat loss.
    Determining the Maximum Dietary Deficit for Fat Loss | Mind and Muscle

    I weighed 185 with approx 15% BF. which means I had 27.75lbs of fat * 30 = 832.5 maximum calorie deficit.

    My maintenance cals of 2100 - 832 = 1268 cals.

    That seemed drastic and I did not feel like doing that non-stop. The other issue was that to maintain an intake of 1268 calories I had to eat almost all protein or my protein level would drop pretty low and maintaining muscle might be hard. so I dropped my calorie intake to 1300 or so cals/day Mon-Fri and during the weekend I eat carbs and basically cheat without going too crazy. I don't count cals on the weekend though. I workout mon/wed/fri and don't do cardio. Once in a while I throw in a workout on Sat/Sun if I feel like it.

    On workout days I drink 30grams of dextrose post workout with my protein shake. I also use creatine mono with my postworkout shake. Two hours later I do allow for like 15 or so grams carbs in my after workout meal. On non-workout days I try to keep carbs as low as I can. I eat cottage cheese and almonds which have small amounts of carbs, but that has been fine for me.

    So far I have been gaining muscle every week until the most recent week where my reps for DB press stayed the same, but my widegrip pullups still went up. 5wks later I now weigh 174 and my waist is down by 1.5". I am starting to see some abs and I am no longer depressed about being on a diet that is not working.

    I honestly thought I was gonna start losing muscle when I did this but I just wanted to try something different because what I was doing before just was not working. I was really happy and a bit surprised when the strength kept edging forward bit by bit while fat was coming off at a nice rate.

    I know this plan will not work for most people, but I see that you (like me) are not having success with the diet plan that does work for most people. Hope this info helps you. Good luck, don't give up; you'll find what works for if you keep searching.

  12. I appreciate the info and posts...I am in the process of re-evalutaing EVERYthing do to these miscalculations.....I will update soon.

  13. When I cut, I like a low-carb approach, or at least a form of carb-cycling. I would also limit carbs to only veggies unless you just exercised.

    Are you supplementing a EFA? Fish oil could help a lot.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Minus83 View Post
    Not sure how accurate this thing is, but ive seen alot of people recommend it on other sites:

    How many calories can I eat?

    There is another good calculator at AST Sports Science - High-Performance Sports Nutrition Supplements as well as a big food database for calculating macronutrients and glycemic index. Good luck.


  15. Couple of ideas;

    1) Your caloric requirements are less than the standard. Some docs have devices in their offices to help measure this. My doc told me that they were getting this in and I could be a subject at some point.

    2) Carbs are a tough one. Try lowering them and being really strict about keeping complex carbs as being the primary source.

    3) Also, maybe you are gaining muscle?! Have you been checking your BF%? Most body builders want to GAIN weight. Watch your BF, not the scale. I am not familiar with the supps that you mentioned, but my guess is that they are supposed to help build muscle?


  16. I also use fitday but only for the organizational benefits, as you know it breaks everything down for you especially the $20 downloadable version. I have been seeing really good progress, about a pound and a half per week average. Use other ways to get your bmr and other needed values and only use fitday to keep a good log.

  17. WEll, I have to say that I have locked my diet down tighter and I am definetly gaining muscle. This second week I have miraculously started making better progress but I have also been doing 2 a days at the gym and 20-30 mins of cardio. I feel great, strength increasing and I am down another 1.5 lbs...I appreciate all the support guys...I will updat again in a week.

  18. Well, a little update: I got on the scale this morning...218! and dropping. I started anabolic pump 3 days ago and I'm getting lighter almost daily. I'm am consistenly at 40/40/20 for diet now and it seems to be working. I think my body needed to adjust some and now its paying off. I will update again soon.


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