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Heart rate with Cardio

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    Heart rate with Cardio

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the problem of their heart feeling like it is going to explode when running. I have been running for a couple of months now on the treadmill trying to get my endurance up so I dont look like an idiot out in public running down the road. But I went out the other day and did a mile which I have been doing 2-3 miles on the treadmill but by the time I had gotten back my heart was beating so hard that it felt like it was going to explode. I know they say not to get your heart rate above 180 but it was around 200. Do you think that is normal for a beginner on the road. I am 25 years old , 5'11 , 177lbs and about 20% BF (only on my stomache, everywhere else is around 10% or less so I don' think I am overweight just got a spare tire)

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    I've heard it much harder on a static surface, road. Try intervals, walk for 5 and then run for 5 - minutes that is.

    PS. BF is a whole body experience, you'll have to lean everywhere to get rid of the tire.
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    HIIT is the key. If you are concerned see a physician!!! Unless you are sprinting your heart rate should not be anywhere near 180 - 200.

    HIIT is:

    1.5 minutes sprint full out
    1.5 jogging
    2.0 walking

    Rinse and repeat for length of workout.

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    The thing about it is that on the treadmill you are paced and outside your pace may change without realizing (especially if a female is close...hahaha) I prefer to run on the treadmill for that purpose and it is also a lot easier on my knees and back.

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