I want to start cutting

  1. I want to start cutting

    I'm getting kind of round around the waist so I want to start cutting. I'm still pretty new at all this so I think I might be able to cut and gain muscle which is what I would prefer.

    Do you have any recomendations for me?

    I'm 5'8" 160 lb. male at age 24

    I'm pretty sure my resting metabolic rate is 2800. Does that sound right?

    So far I've been trying to start a habbit of a very clean diet.

    My fat intake has been around 55 - 90g
    My carbs have been around 200-300g
    my protein has been around 170-180g
    and my calories have been around 2400-2900 each day

    so I have a balance of about 30/35/35 (fat/carbs/protein) for about a week so far

    and how much excercise should I get?

    Is there any way to show fitdays journal to other people online?

  2. I would up your protien intake to about 2grams per pound of your body weight. And start reducing your carb intake gradually every 2 weeks drop your carbs 100grams. Once you start getting into the really low carb range 100 and below, you can cycle in some high carbs days to boost your metabolisms back up.
    I would start your cardio at 30minute of moderate 5 times per week and work your way up to 45minutes sessions of cardio.
    Continue your workout plan and change some things up a bit so your body hasn't adapted to it yet. Depending on your routine, use less rest between sets to keep your heart rate and burn more calories that way.

  3. I agree with increasing protein and lowering cho a little. If you feel you are capable of putting on some muscle in a deficit due to lack of conditioning, more protein would give you a better shot at achieving the goal.

    If your 'resting metabolic rate = RMR' is 2800 you would have a really fast metabolism for your bodyweight. A typical estimate for maintenance would be BWx15 or 2400 in your case. If you have tracked your calories you already know your maintenance most likely, so you can create a deficit to lose however many lbs of fat/week you want to.

    My general advice is to pick one goal rather than trying to both build muscle and lose fat at the same time. My results have always been better when I focused on one. Gaining muscle and losing fat often have two very different sets of dietary requirements. jmo

  4. I don't think I have a fast metabolism cause I've never really been skinny. I know I'm not a an ecto.

    I just used a online calculator and it said my BMR is 1760.7

    so if I did that much running, how many calories do you think I would be burning all together.

    I'm not sure what my maintenance is.

    Is my fat intake ok?

    I think I'll just try to cut then while trying not to lose muscle. Do I just eat below my maintenance and excercise level? And how far below do I eat?

  5. Well I kept bulking but now I'm beginning jiggle lol so I'm really going to start cutting now.

    What kind of foods do you all eat when cutting?

    Do you stay way from peanut butter and almonds or anything else you normally eat when bulking?



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