1. help

    I was wondering what else i can take with my ephedria to help me lose. im takeing 25 mg of it can anyone help

  2. 25mg E with 100 or so mg caffeine 3x a day should work if your diet is in check. Add in some cardio, and the pounds should melt away.

  3. ephedra or ephedrine hcl?

  4. Your diet and training is going to dictate how much you lose, not what supps your taking.

  5. i cant find just caffine pills anywhere. My diet is in check, and i go to the gym about 5 times a week with cardio.

  6. can find caffeine pills at our board nutraplanet etc...

    maybe you can post your diet if you want so we can help you further?

  7. well okay im not really on a strict diet i just now what to stay away from i played jr college football offencive line 6'1 250 didnt want to play anymore quit drop to 235 but now i want to shed more and more i heard about the eca tryin it out whats my best diet for wanting to lose weight,fat im strong i not worried about that ill still do a lil of that but what kind of diet should i be on im really and truly lost and would love help haha. o im 19 if ou need age.

  8. hints or help anyone???

  9. know how to dose ECA properly right? i mean its your first time using it and if you don't know how to use it properly you might grow very tolerate to it...and i would drop the aspirin and substitute with yohimbine hcl..

    a good diet to start with is 40/40/20 with 20% of the cals coming from fats..healthy fats i mean...from then on you can adjust ur percentage and i see quite a few people going to 50/40/30...but i would advise you to go from 40/40/20 and see if you lose any fats...if no...then reduce the carbs further...and u can start from 500 cals deficit from your BMR + activities and move from there...

  10. well i have the ephedrine hcl and i dont know how much are when i need to take it also i was wondering can i take lipo 6 with that for the caffene it has 200mg of caffine in it how much of what do i need. i have seriously just never tried to lose before and im just lost honestly.

  11. Would be more cost efficient if you just get regular caffeine pills if you are just looking for that 200mg of caffeine...i don't know about stacking both of them together...maybe you can search the forum for it as well as how much dosing you need...i see most use 25mg Ephedrine hcl and 200mg of caffeine...but thats jus wat i a really concerns ur safety...

  12. ok so what do you mean buy 40/40/20 and how many calorie intake am i wanting to get im . just really lost haha

  13. Jarred-- I have successfully done an ephedrine/Lipo-6 stack a few times and it is an effective combo. Though I never keep logs, I'd have to say it is not much more effective than an ECA stack. You will obviously save $ by doing ECA, but if you've already bought the Lipo-6 then just go ahead and do it.

    Personally I dosed one 25mg ephedrine tablet with two Lipo-6 caps.

    If I wanted half a dose to be less jittery, before a meeting for instance, I split the ephedrine tablet and only took one L6 cap.

    Good luck. Keep reading this site. The SEARCH feature is your friend!

  14. 40/40/20 means splitting your protein/carbs/fats % in terms of its like 40% protein 40% cabrs and 20% much cals u need for maintenance you need to use a BMR calculator...go search the forum..i think there was one posted some time ago...then from maintenance you go for deficit...


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