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    I'm a 27 year old male who is 6'0 and 258lbs. Not really sure what percentage body fat I am. I recently started goin to the gym lifting weights and doing cardio. Im confused on which is the best way to go to gain more muscle while loosing the fat. I Hear alot about bulkin and cutting and I think i should be more concernced about the cutting part being that I Know im over weight. Also can anybody tell me if taking a protein supplement will help me in gaining muscle mass or should i wait till i drop some weight to take the protein supplement. Thanks for any help offered.

  2. protein powder definately won't hurt anything. main thing is to get your diet straight and see how your body reacts to clean food. you'd be surprised at how much clean food you can eat and still lose weight. post up your diet when you get a chance.

  3. A great aid in keeping track of your caloric intake is the website FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

  4. Well like i said last week was my first week starting and first time in the gym in a while. I stopped eating junk food mostly, no soda's or sugary drinks. Drinking a lot of water, every now and then Ill add some of the sugar free drink mix in it like crystal light that has zero calories in it. I also started eating more fruits. Also whats a good protien supplement to take... also I when im in the gym i lift mon, wed, and fri, and also do 30 mins of cardio on tues, and thurs i just do cardio.. try to do about an hour... On different sites i've seen that i should work different body parts and on some i seen since im just starting that i should do them all any suggestions.

  5. do a couple of searches in here, look at others post. Whey protein is good for before and after workouts. Take a good multi vitamin and you should be on your way.

  6. I think that you're not getting the answers that you want because your overall question is pretty general.

    Since you want to lose weight you will need to take in fewer calories than you eat, right? Use this to figure out approximately how many calories you take in: Metabolism Calculator Don't forget to take into consideration the days that you work out and the days that you don't b/c calorie expenditure will be different on those days. A good starting point would be to take in about 500 fewer calories per day than you are expending. A lot of people make the mistake of under-eating when they are trying to lose weight, but that can kill your metabolism and can end up being counterproductive.

    Do some searches on various types of cardio. I like HIIT (high intensity interval training... I think ) and read about macro nutrient ratios. I know a good ratio for building lean body mass is 40% calories from carbs, 40% calories from protein, and 40% calories from fat (as much as possible from EFAs). Again, FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal will be your best friend if you are serious about this. Good Luck!...Oh, and welcome to AM!

  7. Ok I appreciate the advice so far and welcome more. Right know Im definetly looking into a multi. and some form of a EFA not sure what yet. I havent read up on the macro ratios yet but right now I know im not getting the right amount of protiens that I Need so a protein supplement is not far off. The one thing I see coming up a lot is lots of small meals. The problem with that for me is I work third shift in a factory so its hard for me to keep getting a chance to eat every few hours. What i normally do its when i wake up aroudn 7pm Eat some fruit and start drinking my water... for a snack ill eat some more fruit and maybe some peanutbutter and crackers or ill put some peanutbutter on some apples... then usually around 3:30 am is the time i go to lunch and thats nothing that can be considered a clean food really... just usually whats left over from dinner or a sub from subway.... around 7 am im hitting the gym for some not too intense weightlifting followed by cardio... then i go home....this is where i think im messing up... i usally try not to eat anything because its close to the time when im about to go to bed I usally try to be in bed no later than 12 pm any suggestions for a meal for that time spot or a different menu... thanks again


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