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  1. LX Help

    Most of what I have to ask has already been answered in Robboe's thread on LX, but there are a few minor points in there that I'd like to know.
    The question I have is, can i use LX in interim periods(i know Robboe's answered that question, but there's more to it)
    Also, somewhere in the thread Robboe mentions that he'd recommend a max cycle of 8 weeks( so does that also automatically imply that i should stay off LX for the next 8 weeks?)
    Anyways, this is how i plan to use LX(i need to get it okay'd though, i've gone through most of the threads on LX but haven't really found anything that quite fits what i am looking at).
    I read that you can also stack it with EC(is that right?)
    so this is how i plan to use it:
    I diet for 2 weeks and bulk for the 1 week following them.
    In the 2 weeks that I diet i do A.M. cardio(after about 15 mins of having the EC, so for these 2 weeks, i am going to have 2 caps of LX, the first one before the cardio(along with EC) and the second one 4 hours later.
    In the following week i bulk, and I cut of the EC(and so i wont be having any LX too, since i see no real need for it, even at low doses)
    Now, can I keep continuing to do this sorta LX cycling or is that too much? do i need to come off LX for a longer period of time? I'd really appreciate an answer.

  2. come on people, somebody help me out here!

  3. hey people, does nobody know the answer to this?Robboe???

  4. is there a reason why you post each hour asking for an answer? People will answer if they know the answer, no need to bump it on an hourly basis.

  5. I gave some answers in the thread you made in the DS forum.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe
    I gave some answers in the thread you made in the DS forum.
    Thanks a ton.
    and i applogize if i was bumping it every hour. I have really learnt a lot from the people on this board, and was just getting a little frustrated when i didn't get no forthcomming answers.


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