3 Shakes per day?

  1. 3 Shakes per day?

    Is it OK to have 3 protein shakes per day?

    1 with breakfast ( + 3 egg whites and some oats )

    1 Pre - workout

    1 Post - workout

    ----Anyone have any other suggestions?

  2. me personally dont think that would be a prob..but dont make the shakes a big source of youir protein intake unless its one of those days where u cant get to the right food high in protein.....but i could be wrong lets see what everyone else has to say

  3. Yeah I would say that's fine. Imo only your pre-workout shake should be whey while the post one should be a whey/casein blend and at any other time casein is going to be superior.

  4. Yeah, it is alright to have those shakes 3x per day just remember that it should not be your primary source of protein. The whey protein often sold has digestive enzymes as well as the fact whey is very quickly uptaken anyways. Although this is good to get protein quickly to the muscles, it doesn't keep you on an anabolic path for too long as the protein isn't uptaken at a steady pace, but instead very rapidly. As the godfather stated, casein/whey mixes would be your best bet. They are more expensive but definitely superior.

    You seem to have it laid out correctly, though, taking the shakes with meals to get "extra" protein instead of making it the only source.

    Also, be careful drinking whey before a workout, it is notorious for causing stomach discomfort ESPECIALLY during a leg workout as most people on here will tell you. And we all know what protein farts are like haha.

  5. If you are looking to make them meal replacements use MPI or Casein instead of whey.

  6. Nothing wrong with it. I use 3-4 meal replacements a day. You should get a protein blend with egg, casein, or milk protein in them or just make it easy and use a meal replacement. I like prolab lean mass matrix, core mrp, and lean body breakfast. All three of those use oats for the carb source.

  7. Thanks guys


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