TTA and carb cycling issues

  1. Question TTA and carb cycling issues

    the more research i do on tta the more i think that carb cycling diet is very hard to do with tta almost seem you need quite a bit of carbs or else your body "stiffens up"

    i started tta three weeks ago and slowly dimished my carbs...then all of a sudden i couldn't move..i was stiff as a matter how much water 1.5gallons or K/Mag/Ca i it was painful..did a carb load and the next day i felt great...i started with about 1.6g a day and ramped up to 2.4g for one back down to 1.6g because the DOMS were unbearable...if anybody has any advice please suggest.

  2. Carb loading helps a proverbial ****-load.

    You should continue cycling your doses with your carbs.
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  3. I tried TTA, upped my carbs and the lethargy and cramps went away. Try that, low carbs with TTA doesn't seem to mix unless perhaps like Robboe says you cycle dosing and carb refeeds together.

  4. so a low fat diet approach is probably better with tta....whether on carbs or not i am becoming more vascular so i know tta does work...more so then sesamin for me...i can't wait to try out MP and LX together in about two weeks.

    how about loading tta at 2.4g for two weeks then back off of it 1.6g for the next 6-8 weeks? or does it really matter?

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