hydroxycut hardcore and camphibolic

  1. hydroxycut hardcore and camphibolic

    has anyone tried the new hydroxycut hardcore?

    the muscletech website lists all of the stuff in it and explains it. but i dunno if i'd trust what they're saying.

    it seems to be totally reformulated. sounds interesting.

    but i was also wondering about camphibolic and how that works too.

    any feedback would be great.


  2. Hydroxycut Hardcore, WTF ? The only hardcore thing about MT products is the price. Some people rave about camphibolic so I'd rather give that a shot if I was going to choose between the 2.

  3. Hahahaha, Yohimbacore!

  4. Yohimbacore......hardcore Yohimbine? I think MT is just grasping at straws and making stuff up. LOL

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