HEAT/ Ephedrine/ Cafferine...?

  1. HEAT/ Ephedrine/ Cafferine...?

    I am new to this whole thing, and i've done my homework but I still need help...

    My diet is in check and my cardio and lifting are like clockwork...but I want to enhance my fat burning with HEAT and Caffeine, or Ephedrine stacked with Caffeine. Which is the better way to go and which will have greater results...? or any other suggestions

  2. I've tried both those stacks and found they gave similar results but I felt much worse on the ECA stack.( Jitters, headache, stomach ache)

    Have a look at sesamin, it's a great fat burner with no stim effect and has beneficial health effects too. Very good for liver/cholesterol.

  3. I'd suggest H.E.A.T. Stack with some caffeine and SesaThin.

  4. i'd suggest the HEAT and caffeine stack. But if you don't mind spending the cash...Try HEAT and ergolean AMP...that'll kick your ass!


  5. Oh yeah, damn, can't believe I forgot to mention the H.E.A.T. + AMP combo. People love that stack.



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