Need some help with diet from the bros (WO shake cals)

  1. Need some help with diet from the bros (WO shake cals)

    Ok quick question

    Im trying to fine tune my diet for my upcoming cut.
    I want to get in 3000 cals per day, but where do the
    shakes factor in?
    SHould i shoot for 3000 and all shake
    cals not be counted because of how they are utilized?

    I will be training up to 2x a day in some cases (depleted cardio in morn
    then lifting or mma or HIIT at night)

    For my Post workout shakes i use 1 scoop protein, 1 banana, 1 cup oats
    all in all about 550 cals, pre workout shakes for pre lift and pre MMA
    is just 1 banana and 1 scoop protein (about 250 cals)

    So in an average day of cardio morning, mma at night that will be 1350 cals
    just from shakes.
    Should i totally ignore those amounts from my totals for the day, and only focus on
    whole food for my cal totals?

    Kind of unsure, would love some clarification from some bros in the knows

  2. I would say that you have to count the cals from your shakes. Also depends on your goals I guess, If you are ignoring the cals then I'd assume you'd be bulking. But for anything else, the shakes have cals and those cals count towards your daily intake therefore should be factored in to any equation.

  3. I'd say count the cals from the shakes, and if you need to shave some calories (or carbs) then drop the bananas.

  4. I'd say count the cals from the shakes, and if you need to shave some calories (or carbs) then drop the bananas. I'm surprised the calories add up to so much, but I guess they do. What is the P/C breakdown?

  5. count the cals for best accuracy, but realize that you are getting a lot more bang for the buck by feeds pre and post w/o (because they are utilized so efficiently). I'd never skimp on those, but a cal is a cal, in terms of what you take in. Of course, with the 2X/day workouts and cardio, you may also factor in an excellerated metabolism and more cals required than you might otherwise think. That is, your maintenance cals may be more than you think given your regimen. Good questions, BTW.

  6. Thanks for the responses guys, very much appreciated.
    Ok given the responses i think i will up the cals to 3500 to start, and see how the weight loss goes, if it falls off too quick and the measurments say its muscle, then i will up them even more..

    I never stopped to think about the accelerated metabolism.. but thats going to be huge with the boost in activity level.

    Macro breakdown for the shakes..
    83g Carb (11 fiber) 45g Protein and apparantly 6 fat (?)

    I like to add a cup of 1% milk for a bit more protein and better taste which brings the totals to

    95g Carb/53g Pro/8g Fat

    total of 650g carbs

    I think i will only use half a banana for pre workout shake, and half a cup of oats for post MMA and post morning cardio, for post lifting, i will only use half a cup of oats, and add a cup of 1% milk

    So pre workout shake
    15g carb/32g pro 200 cals

    Post WO after cardio and MMA
    56g Carb/ 39g Pro 400 cals

    Post WO after lifting
    67g Carb/ 47g Pro 500 cals

    That actually makes life easier adding them to my totals, that means the rest of my diet will be super clean.

    Thanks guys


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