In Depth Protein Breakdown

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  1. I mix soy with other types of protein, depends if its morning day or night ....

    I buy from P.C.

  2. PC?
    What is thier site?

  3. Originally posted by Havok
    What is thier site?


  4. ohhh duh
    *Havok Slaps himself*

  5. Originally posted by Havok
    ohhh duh
    *Havok Slaps himself*


  6. casein+cold filtered whey isolate+super bovine serum+strawberry acidophilus+orange metamucil= yummy...

  7. after reading the article from robertthoburn about the body's digestion of protein being to slow for the quick absorbtion of whey as post workout to be completely effective i came up with this......

    my meatabolism is sluggish anyway so why not slowly sip a pure whey shake DURING your workout rather than skulling it down as post w/o.
    then it would be entering slower into your system and possibly be more useful as this is a critical time for aminos to be present in your system. maybe even have some digestive enzymes to help it.

    then have a slower absorbing protein as post w/o. the recovery process would already be underway during the w/o so the importance of post w/o would be lessoned slightly.

    i'm no expert though. just trying to make sense from all of this.


  8. What exactly is the difference between an isolate and a concentrate? I thought isolates are absorbed faster, but what exactly is the difference? (I'm wondering why estrogen is not an issue in soy isolate).

  9. says that the isoflavones in so actually reduce estrogen by blocking receptor sites?


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