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  1. Originally posted by Sheesh
    Just to add my 2 cents...A somewhat recent (2 years ago)study shows that for those of you interested in losing fat, soy protein might actually be a better choice than whey protein. Even though the study was done in mice, as you know alot things that work on mice work with humans. Check this out:

    Effect of soy and milk whey protein isolates and their hydrolysates on weight reduction in genetically obese mice.
    Author:Aoyama T, Fukui K, Nakamori T, Hashimoto Y, Yamamoto T, Takamatsu K, Sugano M., Volume:64 Issue:12, Page:2594-600 Year:2000 Dec

    The effect on genetically obese mice of a milk whey protein isolate (WPI) and soy protein isolate (SPI) and their hydrolysates (WPI-H, SPI-H) on the rate of body fat disappearance was investigated. Male yellow KK mice were made obese by feeding with a high-fat diet containing 30% fat from 6 to 10 weeks of age. They were then fed with an energy-restricted low fat (5.0%) and high protein (35% WPI, WPI-H, SPI or SPI-H) diet for 2 weeks at the 60% level of energy intake by mice on laboratory feed. During the weight reduction period, the body weight of the WPI, WPI-H, SPI and SPI-H groups changed by -9.1, -9.1, -10.0 and -11.1 g/14 days, respectively, the reduction being significantly lower in the SPI-H group than in the WPI and WPI-H groups. The plasma total cholesterol level was significantly lower with the SPI diet, and the plasma glucose level was lower with the SPI and SPI-H diets than with the WPI and WPI-H diets. Although the body protein content was comparable in all the groups, the body fat content was significantly lower with the SPI diet than with the WPI diet, and was also significantly lower with the SPI-H diet than with the WPI and WPI-H diets. The weight of the perirenal fat pads was significantly lower with the SPI-H diet than with the WPI and WPI-H diets. These results indicate that SPI and SPI-H are suitable protein sources in an energy-restricted diet for treating obesity.
    So would it be beneficial to use soy instead of whey?
    Or whey post workout, and soy for during the day?

    Also, why doesn't anyone just use milk since it has Whey and Casein combined?

  2. Whey for Post WO, will get digested faster.  This is what you want.

    I use Soy for dieting and during the day or in the am after i role out of bed.

    Milk is fine for day use or in non post workout shakes, it slow absorbtion.  Olus, milk has carbs and some people may not wnat to have any carbs except post WO.


  3. Great thread.

  4. Thanks for the reply, good answer
    Do you know of any god Soy Protein Powders?

  5. people bitch, moan, piss and **** themselves over the horrible, awful taste of soy... but I'll tell you something... mix it with milk, sweeten it up just a tad if that's your thing, and it tastes like oatmeal to me... not as thick of course, but I think it tastes really good, I like it. here are some quick suggestions (you'll notice it's hard to find in actual bulk):

    Prolab's Pure Soy- (approx 1 lb for 10 dollars, Prolab is a trustworthy company)

    Met-rx Protein Plus Soy (probably about 25 dollars for 2 lbs, Met-rx ain't bad... not my favorite, but very standard company I believe)

    Optimum Nutrition Opti-Soy (I love my Opt Nut... you know you get what's on the label, they're consistent as hell and cheap to boot. have only used their wheys, but I'd back this)

    Twinlab Vegefuel (my personal favorite because, though I don't use soy now, it's the only one I've ever had experience with. I liked it quite a lot, was easy to mix and drink, *extremely* fine powder... again, just like oatmeal to me, even smelled really good. 1.2 lbs for about 10 bucks)

    Universal Soy Pro (people rag on Universal, but they are old school and I think they're respectable... all supp companies have trusty **** products they pimp in the magazines for the megadollars, but Uni's been around for a long time, and are generally consistent IMO, as well as having some very good standard products (milk and egg proteins, liver tabs, etc). this one's 1.5 lbs for about 13 dollars I guess)

    Protein Customizer (almost forgot about them, as I have yet to order from them. people are generally satisfied though... their soy isolate is 3$ per pound, without anything added... go to the customize page and have fun tinkering to your individual needs)

    any other good products I missed?

  6. Thanks
    a question: Would adding milk defeat the fat burning properties of Soy?
    Considering the fat and carb content?

  7. meh, skim milk... no fat, and the lactose is slower digesting I think than most people realize... it's up to you though, if I mix my **** with water it's gotta be cooooold, and with ice

  8. Would soy taste ok with say a nutrasweet sweetner?
    or that knew sweetner i saw at
    Cause im okay with water, I take my Whey with water

  9. yeah bro, that's what I'm sayin... sweetened even a little bit helps remove much of the bland quality that I think so many people associate with a "bad" taste... give it a try, and good luck.

  10. Thanks man
    I think ill do that.
    The least it could do is have no taste

    and No taste is better than Bad taste :-P

  11. I mix soy with other types of protein, depends if its morning day or night ....

    I buy from P.C.

  12. PC?
    What is thier site?

  13. Originally posted by Havok
    What is thier site?


  14. ohhh duh
    *Havok Slaps himself*

  15. Originally posted by Havok
    ohhh duh
    *Havok Slaps himself*


  16. casein+cold filtered whey isolate+super bovine serum+strawberry acidophilus+orange metamucil= yummy...

  17. after reading the article from robertthoburn about the body's digestion of protein being to slow for the quick absorbtion of whey as post workout to be completely effective i came up with this......

    my meatabolism is sluggish anyway so why not slowly sip a pure whey shake DURING your workout rather than skulling it down as post w/o.
    then it would be entering slower into your system and possibly be more useful as this is a critical time for aminos to be present in your system. maybe even have some digestive enzymes to help it.

    then have a slower absorbing protein as post w/o. the recovery process would already be underway during the w/o so the importance of post w/o would be lessoned slightly.

    i'm no expert though. just trying to make sense from all of this.


  18. What exactly is the difference between an isolate and a concentrate? I thought isolates are absorbed faster, but what exactly is the difference? (I'm wondering why estrogen is not an issue in soy isolate).

  19. says that the isoflavones in so actually reduce estrogen by blocking receptor sites?


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