weight gain

  1. weight gain

    Ok what's the best method to gaining weight...i only weight 125 and im 22, i dont work out or anything cuz i've been told it would be waste of time to workout as in u would jus be wasting whatever calories u do consume, so what should a guy like me do. steroids?

  2. I hope the steroids comment was a joke. I don't think you could ever say that working out is a waste of time. What would be the point of taking gear and not working out? That's just a good way to mess up your lipid profile. If you have the money, the best thing a new guy like you can do is sign up with Bobo. Otherwise, spend some good time on this board reading logs and general posts to get a good idea of what you need to do, and we can help you once you get a good foundation established.

  3. This is the first bb.com-like comment I've read here.

  4. Why is he on a bodybuilding site then if he doesn't want to work out? I really hope this is a joke.

  5. It has to be a joke. If not, you must work out and EAT! Eat lots of food, every 2-3 hours eat something. Make it good food though, no cakes, pies, etc. Get lots of protein and carbs in every meal. If you eat a lot and dont work out, it will all go to your gut, thats not a good weight gain or look.



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