Suggestions, criticism, opinions all welcome. weight loss

  1. Suggestions, criticism, opinions all welcome. weight loss

    My Story, opinions help criticism all welcome.

    Age 37, height 5 9, current weight 228
    Lifestyle active between working out and full time labor
    Current diet, I have currently been in a 500+ calorie deficit for the last three weeks. Allowing myself 2300 a day but coming in at around 1800. I have been tracking all exercise and food to the t for 3 weeks with under armour app. Calories, fat, carbs, protein, sugar, and sodium are all spot on or under daily. I can elaborate more if need be. Protein is were it needs to be at 200 a day.
    Current workouts are m-f 1 muscle group per day for 30-35 mins, high reps low weight along with abs, push ups, jump rope, heavy bag and 30 minutes cardio. Total workout is about 90 minutes total. Saturday is a 5 mile run on the road and sunday off. No cheat days as far as food in last 3 weeks.
    Current supplements, black devil fat burner, Kre-alkalyn, bcaa, nitric oxide, protein, and yohimbine. All go in shake except black devil and yohimbine.
    I have lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks and feel pretty good, a lil tired in the evening due to low sugar and carb intake and also I workout at 3 am in the morning due to my work schedule and 3 kids all in sports.
    I haven't lost any weight this week, I get on scale everday, it's a must for me.
    Now the story
    In 2015 I weighed 285lbs, by 4/2017 I weighed 192, I have pics if needed. It was hell but I did it. In April 2017 I had a vescetamy! Spell check I guess ( got the balls snipped) no more kids. Doctor said no exercise for 2 weeks. That 2 weeks turned into 7 months of no exercise and ****ed up nutrition. So here we are, gained 39 lbs that fast and easy. I'm trying to get back to the 190 and have busted my balls the last 4 weeks to get 11 lbs off. Any diet, exercise, or supplement suggestions for this last 30+ lbs? Would like to be down to 200 by april, and feel as though my current regimen isn't gonna get me there. I did 100% full ketosis to lose the weight from 2017 to 2015 and don't wanna go that route again. I have a full cycle of norcodrene, shift and erase by pes ready to go at any time. Thanks in advance

  2. What are your macros?

  3. Carbs 100
    Protein 200
    Fat 75-100
    Calories 1800

    Carbs 22%
    Protein 45%
    Fat 33 %

  4. That seems pretty good. Thereís no real definitive answer. Youíre just gonna have to try some things. Make small changes, and see what works.

    A couple thoughts/ideas..

    1. Try incorporating a cheat meal. Your body adapts to a deficit, and will hold on to fat if it senses too much of a restriction. I would usually do mine on Saturday night, and I always woke up on Monday morning lighter than I was on the Friday before. Even during contest prep I do this. You said you havenít had one in weeks..? This would be my first thing to try.

    2. I know you said you donít wanna do it, but you could cut carbs completely, and go keto. That little bit of carbs keeps your body dependent on glucose. If you do this, I would up your protein 100g. Calories would still be the same. Keep your fats at 75-100.

    3. Try carb cycling. Instead of a cheat meal, every third day or so, triple your carbs. Eat like 250-300.

    Everybody is different, so you just need to experiment and find what works for you. I.e. keto. Lol. It sucks at first, but it works for me, and sounds like it does for you also. Just make sure you give whatever you try, time to work. If 2 weeks go by and you donít see a change, try something new.

    I will add that your calories do seem a little low to me. Hard for me to judge because I canít see you, and donít know your body composition (fat-muscle ratio), but we are the same height, and even during contest prep my calories donít go that low. My protein is also 300g. I may have more muscle, and need it though. Idk. Your overall calories could just be a little too low. Iíd bump protein first. Just play with it, and see how your body responds.

    Youíre doing bad ass though! Youíve lost a lot of weight it sounds like. Keep it up!!

  5. Iíd like to echo the above post by saying incorporate cheat meals and/or carb cycle. I was in a similar position as you several years ago, and while I enjoyed carb cycling, I found going Keto to be optimal for my body. I have never tolerated carbs well. Even with using GDA Supplements. Now that I have my own company with a very powerful GDA, Iíve been slowly slowly adding carbs back and losing weight simultaneously... so Iím personally working though that which is awesome. But it sounds like youíre doing all the right things and really are just in a trial and error stage... play around with different setups for 2-3 weeks each and see what ya see! Remember that cutting calories is not always going to equate to weight loss. For example, I once cut at 1450 cal but couldnít break 10% body fat. Fast forward two years and my cut was 1650 but I used extra cardio and supplementation to break that 10% bf level while eating more... use cardio to burn extra calories so you donít plateau as quickly and then when you do plateau, turn to Supps and cheat meals
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  6. Thanks fellas, I'm gonna finish out the month with this routine then try something different with nutrition and workouts. I really do appreciate your feedback. Cam, thanks for the pm, I'm reading up on your products now. Got a lower body date tonight with the wife, first one for her. Gonna be interesting, finally got her motivated after 13 years. Can't wait to see how this goes.......

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BOSSMAN View Post
    Thanks fellas, I'm gonna finish out the month with this routine then try something different with nutrition and workouts. I really do appreciate your feedback. Cam, thanks for the pm, I'm reading up on your products now. Got a lower body date tonight with the wife, first one for her. Gonna be interesting, finally got her motivated after 13 years. Can't wait to see how this goes.......
    Dude! Rookie move! Canít start her out w legs! Kidding lol but good luck, I hope it works out. Lmk if you have any questions on our stuff!
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  8. Hey bro, great effort thus far man. May I suggest your calories look too low though.

    Based on what you’ve said I’d have your amr at approx 2,800 so lowest you want to consume is 2,300......

    Creating too big a deficit makes your body adapt to the perceived notion of starvation by slowing metabolism thus preventing or slowing further fat loss.

    Cheat meals are a way to address this but imo are better suited to short term plans to get shredded, not as part of a longer term weight loss strategy. Personally I would slowly increase Cals back up to around 2,800 (doing it slowly should avoid much weight regain) and then cutting to 2,300.

    You’ll feel better and the weight loss will be more sustainable. Personally I’d push protein up to 1.5g per lb bw. Not saying that’s needed but my personal preference is that level for cutting....

    Good luck bro

  9. Thanks, will definitely enjoy the extra calories

  10. Just an update in some changes in my diet and workouts .* I have increased my calorie intake to a minimum of 2300 which is usually increased to around 3000 depending on workout that day. I have macros set at carbs 22%, protein 45%, and fat 33%. Sugars and sodium in check.* This started 5 days ago and my workouts have been awesome with the increased calories and added an hour of sleep also.* I have changed my workouts to a 15 minute 200 calorie burn warmup on treadmill then complete chaos begins. This morning,* got off treadmill straight to* dumbells(biceps), straight to 2 minutes of jump rope, straight to leg extensions,* 30 second break, back to treadmill for .25 mile at 6mph then repeat whole circuit for a total of 3 sets.* 2nd circuit included seated dumbells (biceps), squats, and .25mile at 6 mph with 30 sec rest repeated for 3 sets. Last circuit included 35 pushups, 50 crunches,* and bodyweight lunges, no treadmill,* 30 sec rest, 3 sets with a 10 minute cool down at the end of workout kn treadmill. I am gonna go this route for the month of February and see if my weight loss gets better. Obviously working different muscle groups each day and changing speeds and inclines.* Would like to thank you guys for the recommendations above
    again.* Also, I threw in a cheat meal saturday and sunday, felt great with no regrets.*

  11. It sounds like to me you're very active and you're having 90 minute workouts 5 days a week. 1800 sounds very low to me and I think your body is trying to hold on to everything it has. I would definitely throw in some refeed days. Or carb cycle as has been suggested. You might also want to look into intermittent fasting. Personally I think for older guys this works better imo.

    Just reading how many people have already said this LOL

    Keep us posted on how you see the changes affecting your weight.
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  12. I increased from 1800 to 2300 and can definitely feel the difference during my workouts. I'm gonna start a cheat meal every wendsday and sunday. Also, I'm gonna start norcodrene, shift, and erase by pes on Feb 1. I have always gotten good results from that.

  13. I try to fast 14 hours from dinner to my next meal the following day. I do have my protein shake after my am workout, wonder if that screws up the fasting that I'm trying to create?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by BOSSMAN View Post
    I try to fast 14 hours from dinner to my next meal the following day. I do have my protein shake after my am workout, wonder if that screws up the fasting that I'm trying to create?
    In my experience yes it makes a differnce... If your getting enough cals you'll be fine. Try and go the whole 14 if you can without anything. Bcaa if your worried about muscle breakdown.I usually do an 18/6 protocol. I may eat up to 10 at night and won't eat until around 4 pm. The next day. I do have days where I don't follow it and eat throughout the day though.
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  15. Lost 1 lb in the last 7 days, I guess I'm okay with that.* Would be very happy with 1.5-2 lb every 7 days but all good. So today being the first of the month gonna stick with new nutrition increases and new work outs for the 28 days in feb. Gonna cut out alcohol all together this month also. Gonna get back out to the wood pile also, splitting by hand is an awesome full body workout.* So today was wake 3am,1 norcodrene, 1 shift , and nos ether on empty stomach.* 17 min warmup on treadmill 200 cal
    Dumbell bench 3◊20
    Tricep push down 3◊20
    2 min jump rope after each set along with 30 sec break
    Pec Dec 3◊20
    Dumbell overhead extension(triceps) 3◊20
    1 min jumping jack after each set along with 30 sec break
    Dumbell incline 3◊20
    Close grip bench (triceps) 3◊20
    1 min mountain climbers after each set along with 30 sec break
    Decline bench 3◊10 I was spent bye this point
    7 min various abs
    7 min various planks
    20 minutes treadmill 200 cal
    Protein shake, Kre-alkalyn,* bcaa
    Feel awesome,* I will take yohimbine at 10am and 4pm daily, only question now is when to take my 2 erase? With my first meal at 8am? Suggestions,* cause that's what I'm thinking or do I need to take it before lifting? Or does it matter just as long as it is taken 2x in a 24 hour period?* Thanks fellas, oh yeah almost forgot I got my 2 bottles of tru shred and youth ordered last night. Gonna hold that til around april

  16. It's been a week, weight has fluctuated up to 229 at one point and back to 227 today.* So no loss on the scale. But in the mirror and clothes yes. Took calories up to 2300 minimum a day and threw away the book on super bowl sunday, wings, ice cream all that!! Just kidding , I did have crap but didn't go insane, still stayed below 3500 calories that day. Took off 1 day for rest and used one day for Hitt and cardio only. Other days workouts are still chaos which is good. Energy levels are good. I believe I am starting to feel the norcodrene,* shift, and erase kicking in a bit. I'm looking and feeling leaner and very solid. Norcodrene is kinda weak, but that's just cause I'm used to alpha lean and hydroxy elite I guess.* Gonna finish out the month of feb with this routine. Drop stims in march but keep the shift and erase. Can't wait for april, got alpha lean, tru shred, and youth already in the cabinet.

  17. Thursday check in, it's been a solid week but could have been better. Good news is I lost 2 lbs. Sticking with 5 day workout, and calories set at 2000. Increased on workout days to a 2500 max but rarely have I went that high, did go up to 3000 o. Saturday and Sunday.* Seems to be working fine.* Fell off the wagon saturday,* michelob ultra and crown apple but does the hour long bang session that night count as calories burned???(gotta luv that liquor)* Got my self back together by Tuesday morning and* was good to. Just makes you think, dam if I lost 2 lbs with 2 cheat days and a hell of a night drinking,* what could of been if I stayed clean??* It's all good.* Not really liking the norcodrene, shift, erase stack. Basically I feel a suppressed appetite and a little leaner.* Gonna finish out the month or until the bottles are gone and switch up in march. Goal is to be at 200 by 4/1, got 225 today totaling 14 lbs loss since 1/1.* 6 weeks to drop 25 lbs but I think if I clean my act up to 100% I can get close. Oh yeah, wifey got me a stability ball and 14lb med ball for valentine's day, that was pretty cool.* As far as the pes supps, I guess I'm used to the older formulas.

  18. What up fellas, weekly check in. Hit the scale at 223 this morning totaling 16 lbs since 1/1.* That's another 2 lbs gone, I will take 2 lbs a week. Had a solid week of training and nutrition.* Started using a sauna jacket on my outdoor runs and started a 10 minute medicine ball routine along with abs everyday, well when I workout.** Threw in 2 days of coq diesel, on the 2nd day had visual veins in shoulders and forearms.** Got about 7 or 8 days left on the shift, erase, norcodrene stack.** I will say this, my appetite is crushed, I'm fasting 16-18 hours 7 days a week and pretty much have to remind myself to eat around noon, don't know if this is from the fasting or the norcodrene.* Calories have not gone over 2500 in a week, that includes cheat days. Honestly been under 2000 calories 5 out of the last 7 days.* Gonna grind this out until shift and erase is gone, immediately start on diesel E2-X and fit throid,* no stims.* I do have some good bcaa and non stim fat burner powder and non stim pre workout to help get thru the month. My goal for this upcoming week is 4lbs, try to get down to 220.


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