Cardarine /GW 501516

  1. Cardarine /GW 501516

    So I'm on day two of taking Cardarine got it from a reputable source SARMS1 liquid version.. taste like crap so I'm pretty sure I got the right stuff.. I'm wondering if anyone else here has taken it before.. this will be my first time using it.. I heard rumors of shedding lots of fat but I hear from others all it did was increase endurance but no fat loss..

    I'm also stacking it with n2slin.. But I got a pill version from N2B and I'm not sure if it's just bunk.

  2. Just because it tastes bad doesn't mean it is legit. Are you noticing faster recovery time in between sets and an increase in cardio ability? Should take a couple days to notice a difference.

  3. 40-odd days on Cardar1ne and I'll swear to my dying day that it provides a useful increase in cardio capacity... but does absolutely nothing for weight loss beyond what you can burn making use of that extra cardio.

    So don't worry if/when the weight doesn't magically disappear. Doesn't mean your stuff is crap. Not endorsing SARMS1 mind you - I've never used them.

  4. Same as Eight, I got no fat loss benefits from cardarine at all just extra endurance which it was great for.

  5. Yeah it's day 6 for me now.. I think I notice a slight boost in endurance but I can't be sure .. I have lost some weight but that's because I tweeked my diet. I'll keep u guys updated.



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