Help Me Blindfaith

  1. Help Me Blindfaith

    I read your post on CKD. I did the figures and according to my stats; 380 lbs 40% BF I should be taking in (960 calories - 240 grams of protein) and (4240 calories - 471 grams of fat) for a total of 5200 calories.

    Um.....not doubting you, but this seems very ineffective for me losing weight. Are my calculations correct?

    Please help me...........Blindfaith

    BIG "D"

  2. Don't know where you got your numbers, bro. I got 4500 for maintenance, so about 4000 you should consume. I would say start with about 325g protein and 300g fat.

  3. it'll work man, use figures closer to scotty's though, and have faith

  4. Thanks guys, I'll give it a go. I'll be incorporating this with a HST type workout. So we will see what happens. Much appreciated!!!
    I'l keep ya posted.

  5. I think you'll really like HST if you haven't dont it before... I'm doing a modified form of it and really love it. lookin forward to the updates!

  6. GUYS,
    I'm really struggling, check the link and help me out. shooting for 4000 cals 325 g prot, 300 g fat.
    Almost there cant figure what else to add. (thats alot of food)

    here's the ink:

    I say that now, however 3 months ago when I was shovin a whole pizza and bags of chips at one sitting i didnt think anything of it.

  7. Stupid link doesnt work: aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!

    Calories Eaten Today
    source grams cals %total
    Total: 3512
    Fat: 229 2061 60%
    Sat: 66 595 17%
    Poly: 69 619 18%
    Mono: 71 642 19%
    Carbs: 19 56 2%
    Fiber: 6 0 0%
    Protein: 332 1329 39%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Today's Foods
    Turkey, ground(4 cup) 1184CAL, 66F, 0 C, 138 P
    Egg, white only, cooked (6) 99CAL, 0F, 2C, 21P
    Egg, yolk only, cooked (6) 364CAL, 31F, 2C, 17P
    Flaxseed oil (4tbsp) 601CAL, 68F, 0C, 0P
    PROTEIN SHAKE (2) 230CAL, 4F, 6C, 42P
    Cauliflower,(2cup) 22CAL, 0F, 7C, 3P
    Cheese, Colby (4 slice) 446CAL, 36F, 3C, 27P
    Steak,(10 oz.) 566CAL, 23F, 0C, 85P
    Totals 3512CAL, 229F, 19C, 332P

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  8. yeah, at 40% bf I don't think you really need to support that with even 4000 cals... might be wrong there, doubt it... but don't sweat if you can't get that many cals... if you're 40% bf, that's approx 152lbs of fat yeh? so you're looking at 228 or so... but um... like I said I wouldn't worry, would be good to get the knowledgable bro's input here, I ain't no keto expert

  9. 2 tablespoons of natty peanut butter is ~200cals. That's got to be my favorite dessert while in keto.
    Then again im not a keto expert like some of the others.


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