Diet for my gf with Hypothyroidism

  1. Diet for my gf with Hypothyroidism

    I am trying to develop a leaning diet for my girlfriend, but she suffers from an underactive thyroid. I was hoping I could get some help from anyone who knows about that type of thing, I know about diets and working out, but know nothing about diets with thyroid problems.

    Her stats:
    5' 4"
    25%ish bf
    Working out 3-4 times a week for year and a half.

    Good responder.

    She has never had a diet, and just kinda eats what she wants. She has gotten in a more healty mindset, but still has the occasional junk food binges.

    I wanna do her a 60% pro 20% carbs 20% fat diet, but not sure how that would affect her thyroid.

    She currently takes pig thyroid to balance out the problem too.

    Any suggestions would be great.


  2. There are some studies out there that show MCT intake stimulates proper thyroid function. Soy products have also been shown to **** with the thyroid in several studies, so get her off of soy if she likes to eat soy products.

    Other than that, lots of veggies man, just pile a plate full of them for her at every meal

  3. Quote Originally Posted by exnihilo
    There are some studies out there that show MCT intake stimulates proper thyroid function.
    what is MCT?

  4. Medium chain triglycerides. Cheapest source is coconut oil, best source is probably purified MCT oil. 1 tablespoon 3x/day is the dosing protocol from what I understand.

  5. is she being treated for her hypothyroidism? If not it would be wise to get her to an endo because people with a hypo active thyroid show a 20 to 30% decrease in metabolism.

  6. She need more carbs, less protein and keep fats EXTREMELY clean (and low). She MUST exercise. I currently train 2 women with hypothyroidism.
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  7. She is being treated with it, she takes pig thyroid every day to keep her thyroid levels constant and correct. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna put anything in her diet that would screw her up.

  8. Bobo is training my biatch with good luck so far. the pig thyroid - what is that armour?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by goldylight
    the pig thyroid - what is that armour?
    I'm pretty sure you are right, I'll have to ask her.

  10. are you sure she has this condition? My gf is 5'4 and weights 128 and she doesnt have it.
    Maybe its just her diet. 117 isnt a lot at her ht.


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