Carb sensistive after keto diet?

  1. Carb sensistive after keto diet?

    Now I know when you increase your carb intake coming off a Keto diet, the chances of you getting some excess fat is always a problem. But what I wondering is, does the body because carb sensisitve for a prolonged peroid of time? I've doing keto diets for about a year now and switched back (bulking cycle) to a more carb based diet and I seem to bloat up like a fish. My carb count isn't that high either (around 250g per day) so I'm wondering if keto diets have an adverse effect on carbs when you switch back.

  2. I had the same issues... I was on a keto for about 7 months to shed alot of fat.... By the time i got off, im sure my metabolism was slowed..... When i started ingesting carbs, I put back on weight pretty damn fast... it slowed over time though...

  3. yes you body becomes very carb sensitive!! when coming off of a keto diet you cannot just jump back into carbs like you are use to or else you will gain back quite a bit of weight me ive done this to myself many times over before i learned better.

    what i do is after im done doing the keto...i slowly but surely introduce carbs back into my diet...for the first 2 weeks i keep my carb range from about 100-120 grams per day, and increase 20 grams per week after that.

    I switch up keto and 40/30/30 all the time...i do one right after another.

    Hope this helps!


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