how to lose weight quickly?????

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    If you look at the product description on Sledge's website, it mentions that due to the slight anti-e properties of Lean Xtreme that women on birth control should either not take it or use condoms and other precautions while using it to guard against unwanted pregnancy.

    From the site (
    “WARNING: Because of the mild anti-estrogen propeties of 7-OH(tm), use of this product by females may decrease the effectiveness of oral and transdermal contraceptives (A.K.A. “The Pill? and “The Patch?). If you normally rely on oral or transdermal contraceptives as your only method of birth control, you should use an additional form of birth control, such as condoms, to help prevent pregnancy while using this product.?

    Thanks. I went to the link and took a look around to. I've got some ordered, so I'll give it a try.

  2. Thanks, BP!

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    One of my good friends is wanting to lose as much weight as possible quickly. ( as all people do lol) but is not interested in gaining muscle at least not much. I have always been interested in gaining muscle so i am not sure if much of my advise would be useful. I told him to eat about 2000 calories a day, with 1 hr low intensity cardio a day. What would be the right fat/carb/protein ratio to this as well, I also advised to eat 6 small meals a day instead of 1-3 meals a day. Any help would be appreciated
    Tell your friend to do lots of cardio and to watch what he eats. Eat every couple hours to speed up metabolism. Check out for some great exercise tips.

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    NHE plan has worked really well for me. Of course I enjoy lower carbs and increase strength and lose fat on them, buit I use to be 311 lbs too. I usually get no more than 100 a day and carb up every 3 and 4 day
    what is the NHE plan??


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