I've used the formula to calculate my RMR and it usually says I'm around 2800. But in that formula they make me choose my activity level which gives me a number like 1.55 I'm supposed to measure what I calculated. So it would be about 1800 and then when I multiply it by 1.55 I get about 2800. Then they say cut about 10-15% of my calories to lose fat.

Doing that and cardio and weight lifting I was never able to get below 10% body fat.

Also, I know that there are some days I'm only taking in about 2100 calories.

I've given up cardio and just weight lift now and sit ups. I keep my diet pretty clean, low cabs and a cheat meal once per week. About 5 weeks or so ago I started using T-3 and Clen. I went from 12.6% bf to 11.6%. Now being that I only plan on being on T-3 another 4 weeks, if this rate continues I should get to 10.6%? Thats about where I always get stuck.

My question is, is it possible that the RMR calculation is wrong? Can my metabolism really be much lower? I should mention I'm not just doing T-3 and Clen, I am on Test E 625mg per week, Anavar 75mg per week and 250 IUs of HCG per week and ofcourse an AI.