Lite Salt ok?

  1. Lite Salt ok?

    Would the occassional use of Lite Salt (Potassium chloride) during contest prep cause any adverse side effects such as water retention? Im using Mrs Dash seasoning right now which contains no salt.

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    my trainer,former pro bodybuilder/competetor, told me not to cut salt out of a cutting diet until 2 days before a show. he told me your body needs it, if not you could cramp up(that would keep you from working out to the max & replacing fluids/proteins/minerals to restore cells) & that your body uses the salt to keep your body hydrated, just don't use it in extreme excess. hope that helps.

  3. Rea actually increases salt 20% for a week pre-contest until just 2-3 days out. But, I use 7.5meq K/day and take even more when I cramp, so I doubt potassium would hurt, though it is slightly diuretic.

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