Advice on my diet please

  1. Advice on my diet please

    Last two weeks I've started a new diet. Just looking for some advice on wether its good or not. A typical day is as follows.

    05:30 wake up
    05:45 2 scoops of alphamine
    06:00 45 mins cardio
    08:00 start work
    10:30 oatmeal/porridge
    13:00 1 scoop alphamine
    13:30 brown rice with mixed veg and chicken/turkey
    16:30 USN Diet Lean protein shake
    17:00-19:00 BJJ
    19:44 Fish/chicken/steak with veg or egg white omelette with one yolk and veg and meat

    22:00 bed

  2. Not really enough info to help you out here--we will need portion sizes & amounts of food as well.
    Seems a bit low on KCal at first glance though

  3. Quote Originally Posted by scherbs View Post
    Not really enough info to help you out here--we will need portion sizes & amounts of food as well.
    Seems a bit low on KCal at first glance though
    Oatmeal pot is 64g with 256Kcal

    The brown rice, meat and veg was in a fairly big tub so i have decided to split it. It has 2 cups of brown rice and one chicken breat fillet with chopped onions, augbergines and peppers.

    The USN shake is a 1 1/2 scoop which is about 200kcal

    Tea is either two average size pieces of chicken fillet or cod with loads of veg, sometimes in a 1 or 2 wholemeal wraps

  4. Just tried adding everything to the my calorie app along with my daily workout and it says i still need to eat another 1400 calories. I would find it impossible to eat another 1400 calories. I dont go hungry throughout the day at all as I eat often.

    Jan 2nd 2012 i was 19stone4 271lbs. Jan 8th 2013 i was 15stone3 (214lbs) This past saturday i dropped to 14stone13 (208lbs) but for some reason today I was 15.3 again. I have stuck to my diet and workout but i seem to have put on weight and did 3 hours of Jiu Jitsu last night and a 5km run.

    I don't get the weight increase? I kept my water levels up drinking 4 litres too.

  5. What are your goals ?

    Are you trying to cut some body fat and maintain your muscle mass ?

  6. It seems to me that the issue here is not your daily Cal intake, but rather meal quantity and timing.

    One issue that stands out is that your having essentially 4 meals during the day. To keep your metabolism going I would suggest you have at least 6 meals per day. This should help increase your metabolism and should work well with your Alphamine.

    Also man, from waking at 5:30, your going without a meal for 5 hours ? I know the Alphamine may help with suppressing your appetite but again you need to kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning. I recommend you have a meal after your morning cardio, which should help with your metabolism and increase your meal intake to 5.

    Hope this helps.


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