Coming off a major injury. Need insight and help.

  1. Coming off a major injury. Need insight and help.

    Used to be an active AM member, but have been gone for awhile.
    First about me
    21 year old male, 5'8, 220, i'd guesstimate around 18-20% BF

    I was a college athlete, that is until this past Feb. I was in a bad car accident that left me with a broken C2 which the doc's called a "hangman's fracture" I spent about 10 weeks in a halo brace to completely immobile my head/neck/upperbody, then another 10 weeks in a Miami J neck brace. Thankfully the Lord healed me, and didn't take away my ability to move.
    So now almost 5 months of pretty much complete immobility I'm left with the task of getting back in shape, shedding the recovery pounds, and get ready for my college season.

    I considered myself a pretty advanced lifter before my accident, I had a 300ib bench, 410 squat, 450 dead sitting at 195 ~10% bf

    My strength has diminished, and gained significant weight, and even with a strong background in fitness for some reason I'm having a hard time applying it without pushing my self into silly injuries (damn shin splits lol )
    I was wondering if people had insight, help, comments, ideas, anything to help me get on the right track to most importantly get back into shape and lose the recovery weight.

  2. Hey Gonzo C2 is a tough injury. Awesome that you are motivated to stay positive and move forward. Start slow and don't be discouraged if it takes time to get going. First try the recumbent bike. This should not cause any shin pain that you were talking about. Make sure the seat is in a comfortable position for any of your pre-existing injuries. The recumbent bike should be very low impact but you will see increases in endurance and weight loss. Try some HIIT training where you bring your HR up and than down. Read up on it and this may work for you. Also get you diet in check. Low fat, moderate carbs, higher protein. Shhot for 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day to help speed up your metabolism. good luck

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