In need of weight loss tips

  1. In need of weight loss tips

    Hey everybody im a male 5'3 tall which at the time i weight 177 .. I been working out pretty hard before , then i stopwd and now wanna get back in it.. Wanna go down to 165 . Any ideas? How , what is the best way to achiev results? Letme know thnx

  2. I'd build up the respiratory system by doing cardio three times a week. That'll trim some fat deposits. Keep protein up. A gram per pound of bodyweight you want. Try to get it from clean eating and not so many protein shakes. Build yoir core back up with pushups and crunches along with the cardio for a week maybe two. Then grab some comfortable weights and give em hell. Then up the weights slowly...keep your core up and when you get trim ease on the cardio. Listen to your body and tear sh** up bro!!!

  3. Do your research on dieting properly for weight loss, figure out your BMR (Weight-(weight*BF%))*11......add 500 calories and that's what you should be taking in throughout the day (spread over 5-6 meals). Look up some weight training programs that utilize easy techniques like 5x5. Build that muscle up, the more you have the more fat you burn, and try some HITT. Do lots of research, google is your friend.

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