1. Sleep

    Any suggestions for better sleep

  2. Hot tea
    Gaba's big brother -phenibut

    Phenibut is addictive but effective as its basically gaba that has been altered to pass the blood brain barrier. Melatonin will work fine and is a cheap otc drug. just dont let your body rely on it, otherwise you wont be able to sleep without it

  3. Get a pillow that will suit your sleeping position! It will help you relax and have a better sleep

  4. It depends on what's causing your sleep problems. Is it schedule, is it anxiety? Do you have problems shutting off your mind at night? Do you have a routine of getting to bed and up from bed at the same time everyday?

    PS stay away from phenibut. Don't know why people are still reccommending it. It will give you worse problems in the long run. In fact stay away from anything that messes with GABA. Some things are ok short-term but never good for longterm use. There's some things I'd recommend but I'd have to have you answer some of those questions first.
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  5. Im a nub but zma or drinking milk before bed works fine for me

  6. Phenibut is a horrible idea imo. The other ideas so far are good. I'd add trying to get in a normal routine (sleeping and waking near the same time every day).
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  7. Tips on sleep:-
    1.Stick to a sleep schedule
    2.Pay attention to what you eat and drink
    3.Create a bedtime ritual
    4.Get comfortable
    5.Limit daytime naps
    6.Include physical activity in your daily routine
    7.Manage stress

  8. Chamomile tea that shts like dope brass

  9. Wack it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cardinal15
    Wack it
    I second this action sir!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by frankrock1234 View Post
    Get a pillow that will suit your sleeping position! It will help you relax and have a better sleep

    nice suggestions !!!
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  12. Kava root or valerian natural remedies that always knocked me out. kava is a little rough on the liver if you take it all the time though

  13. also try working out in the morning. a study came out saying people had a better night sleep when they workout in the morning. I tried it and it helped me out.
  14. YoungGunz
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardinal15 View Post
    Wack it
    hahaha agreed 100%


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