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    The jist is:

    Calories in < Calories out = Fat Loss. Have 1 meal, have 22 meals, it doesn't matter, it boils down to how much you exercise and how much you eat. a 6 pack is made in the kitchen.

    The "old way" of having 6 meals a day is for the nutritionists that have to deal with people that cheat all the time and can't control their trigger happy mouths that just go looking for junk to eat everytime. I eat twice a day, sometimes a light snack in the middle of the afternoon, have yet to see a problem with that, actually, it's the best diet I've ever been in.

    You want tips to lose weight? Watch what you eat. Keep track of your food. See how many calories you're intaking and adjust. Keep a log if it helps. Do cardio, HIIT is good, High Intensity High Interval Training is also good, this is more on the lines of spinning classes for instance. So I don't get bored or anything I mix the two up. I will do one day of HIIT, 30 second sprints, 1:30 cooldown, and then I will do a "hill", where I start at 11 on a bike, 2 mins, 12, 2 mins, 13, 2 mins, 14, 2 mins, 15, 2 mins, 16 2 mins, 17, 1 min, cool down for 3 at 10 and then repeat. Once you reach that 15 you're begging for momma.
    Good stuff right here.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by zubda345 View Post
    Ahhhh U didn't look that good then.... U know I can't talk to u now.
    Right, if it is so easy to find why don't you make me look like an ******* by posting it? Reason is you don't have a source. Keep doing what you want man, from your picture you obviously haven't gotten any results.

  3. What will happen if we drink too much water at night?

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    What will happen if we drink too much water at night?
    For some people, drinking too much water at night may trouble their belly and not let em sleep. it may also drop the bodie's salt levels... I never said drinking water at night is bad. I just said drinking too much water at night is bad...


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