Help Please

  1. Help Please


    I have been directed by to a site which claims to supply supplements which improve fat loss/weight loss/increased metabolism... I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of them and if they work? the addresses to the links are below, wouldnt let me use the actual links as im a new user. thanks in advance.

    My current exercise program consists of soccer 4 times a week, along with badminton and long distance running on other days when not feeling too tired.
    My current diet is fairly balanced, i dont snack, drink fizzy drinks etc.
    I weight 170 pounds, and am 5ft 9, want to lose 10 pounds which is proving to be very difficult

    Thanks again!


  2. Which site you seen for the supplements?

  3. alpha t2 is a great product. I would stack with oxy elite pro if tying to cut weight.
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