proper dosing of supplements please...

  1. proper dosing of supplements please...

    Continuing my cutting, but need help with suggested dosing for following stack:

    Caffeine 100mg: I think i'll be doing about 100mg twice a day
    Green Tea Extract: I was thinking about 400mg NOW Green Tea Extract in evenings
    MET-Rx Tonalin CLA 100mg: start with twice daily and then do three times daily to get up to about 3 grams.
    NOW L-Carnitine 500mg: twice daily

    Of course will still do cardio 4-5 days a week.

    Can I get some help on the above. I decided not to get into lipotropin and oxyelite pro. Just wanted to work with the above.

    Appreciate any guidance.

  2. no takers...
    I know some of the doses might be a little bit low, but I thought since I am combining some of them, it was a "okay" stack.

  3. In my opinion up ur CLA dose. To maybe 4-6 grams and l carnitine to about 4000. Give that a try if u want. Space ur cla apart take 3 2000 mg dosages

  4. Thanks for review.
    Just starting, so will see how my GI tract tolerates it and then wean up.

  5. Did u ever consider taking digestive enzymes to help with sensitivity to supps?

  6. Usually not needed.
    I always like to wean on to a product just to be cautious.
    No need to have...."blow out" due to starting higher dose supplements.

    Although, I do take "Green Vibrance" whole green food supplement which is excellent.

  7. Okay. What's ur height/weight?

  8. Hello
    Height: 5'9"
    starting weight in Sept/Oct was 176 with body fat ~25%
    CW: About 157 and ~17% body fat at 163
    Age: 35

    Although belly has definitely shrunk and greatly improved waist size, still have small belly and no real ab definition yet.

  9. What's ur diet like? An cardio training etc

  10. And ur not gonna really see an definition until u get to about 9% man. That stuff ain't easy

  11. I know.
    Although I don't like to shoot for a insufficient goal, I am realistic. Just getting the belly flat would be nice.

    I'm dealing with a slight bicep strain or some golfer's elbow right now, so all lifting has been stopped. No choice

    Cardio is usually elliptical training for 40-60 minutes for 4 days a week.

    maintain 500 cal deficit

    Breakfast: 2 eggs in morning or 1 egg with some whites + cup of mixed fruit and/or 1/2 english muffine with almond butter
    Lunch: Togo's, Subway chicken or turket, mustard only, or just bring from home couples ounces of meat
    some baked or popped chips
    Snack: Voskos Greek Yogurt
    Dinner: Usually a healthy fish or chicken dinner. Veggies.


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