Poll: Who Nocturnally Feeds?

Nocturnal Feeding?

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  1. Question Nocturnal Feeding?

    Just curious if anyone does this. I think its popularity has died down since the discovery of cottage cheese and milk. Im against it, but the arguements for it are generally good. So My poll question is, who does it?

  2. I think it can def be very beneficial to people trying to pack on mass. Its funny to think how we dont go more than 3 hours during the whole day without eating but then are willing to go 8 at night. Personally, I think sleep is a very important thing and shouldnt ever be purposley disrupted. However, i wake up in the middole of the night here and there naturally, like having to pee. So if im up and not too dreary ill down a protein bar that ill keep next to my bed or some cottage cheese if i can make it into the kitchen. I wouldnt even set my alarm to wake up and eat at a certain time. Then again im not that much of a hardgainer so it may be useful for some.

  3. nope, dont need it, dont do it... I have a hard enough time making sure I get my sleep as it is, no way I'm gonna purposely **** it up midway

  4. Originally posted by Biggin
    nope, dont need it, dont do it... I have a hard enough time making sure I get my sleep as it is, no way I'm gonna purposely **** it up midway
    I so totally agree with this. Continously sleep is good and is needed, why screw with it.

  5. I used to drink a shake at night, but recently I have decided to stop. I am starting to think that a better nights sleep is more important. I just try to eat like 60grams of protein before bed, with at least 30-40grams of that being cottage cheese, milk, meat, or egg.

  6. Now come on, dont be shy. Someone thinks its important. Who and why?

  7. Originally posted by mc1
    I used to drink a shake at night, but recently I have decided to stop. I am starting to think that a better nights sleep is more important.
    same with me

  8. I don't either. Thought about doing it a few times but I have too hard of a time falling back asleep. For now I just use a casine/whey/egg protein mix with Flax before bed.

  9. in my experience sleep is by far the quickest and easiest way to **** your gains up, IMO (unless you starve yourself or something)... conversely, it is also the easiest thing to improve, so again I don't see the point.. whoever voted yes needs to get in here and explain it to me
  10. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Used to

    I used to grab a shake at 2a.m.
    But now I just eat some chicken & and an egg before bed, & sweet dreams.
  11. Nelson
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    I agree with you Biggin

    I used to sleep 6-7 hours.
    Since increasing to 7-8 hours I feel more refreshed & attack the gym with more energy.
    Sleeping is important for me.

  12. I would if I were a hardgainer/ecto, but I am not.

  13. I do when I wake up to take a leak. Otherwise I don't

  14. Originally posted by Supa Freek 420
    I do when I wake up to take a leak. Otherwise I don't
    I'm kinda the same way:

    most of the time I fix a shake and put it on my desk in my room, and if I happen to wake up during the night, then I drink it.  But if I do not wake up in the middle of the night, then I just drink it when I normally wake up in the morning.

    so there ya go


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  15. *Raises hand* I still do. I like food so why not.

  16. i tend not to. i struggle getting back to sleep anyways after getting up in the middle of night to take a wiz. However, if i cant go back to sleep and marinate over to the computer until i get tired again, ill knock a shake down. another factor why i tend not to eat/drink nocturnally is cuz my stomach has a hard time digesting anything once i lay down so quickly after i take something in....Sage

  17. I'll do it sometimes. It all depends how hugry I am. Some nights I wake up inthe niddle of the night starving, so I'll get up and eat something. I usually try to eat right before bed ie....casein shake, cottage cheese.....so it's all about timing, if it's time for me to eat I'll eat no matter what hour it is. The only reason I try to avoid it is because I have a hard enough time sleeping or getting quality sleep. I think it would help, because as long as you keep re-feeding/ re-fueling the body with proper nutrition along with rest and training you will grow.

  18. I used to, and still think its beneficial for those that have trouble putting on weight (just to help get more calories), but I never saw significant enough improvement to merit getting out of bed .
  19. nope

    i tried it for awhile a few years ago and it was more a pain to do. and i discovered like others here that uninterrupted sleep was way more important. if i'm tryin to gain i'll eat some cottage cheese b4 bed, else my last meal is like an hour or two before bed...sleep is alot more important for any goal you are tryin to reach.

  20. I do it while bulking. I get about 8 hours a night, so i wake up 4 hours into the slumber....

  21. I would never intentionally disrupt a good night's sleep to have a 4 am meal. But if you are on a high protein diet and don't wake up at least once to urinate in an 8 hour period, you are not drinking enough water. When I get up at 3-4 am, there is a shake made up in the fridge and I gulp it down. I have no trouble getting back to sleep, and sleep like a log.

    I believe the late night shake is most important on workout nights, cycle doesn't matter. Occasionally, usually when I'm getting less than 8 hours a night, I fail to wake up, and just drink the shake in the morning, like Lifeguard. Also, I use Max Muscle High 5 or Ultra-Size for this shake, as they are fairly thin for a casein/whey/egg blend and I want to drink it down fast enough to get right back to sleep.

    8 hours, despite slower metabolism in a sleeping state, is too long a time to rely on a cottage cheese meal before bed to carry you through. If you do, you are allowing the body to enter into a catabolic state,

  22. I could never do it.

    Once I get up during the night and make my way toward anything but the bathroom, I'm up for the duration.

    It must have something to do with my getting up at 4:30 am for my golf tournaments. Thank God for caffeine!

  23. nope.

    milk and cottage cheese works fine thx

    sides theres a huge growth hormone release during sleep. why mess with that?

  24. never considered it. im too tired to drink a shake even when i wake up to take a leak.

  25. i guess if you can consistently wake up for like 2 mins and piss n gulp (the shake, not the piss) then you're doing alright... my sleep is unfortunatley much too erratic and it's always been the problem area for me... no partying or anything like that, just sleep issues... i know at this point it's the single greatest detriment to my regime, as it were, so i can't afford to night feed... ****s me up for the rest of the evening, and then i'm zombified


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