Cutting Diet (Ketogenic) Help

  1. Cutting Diet (Ketogenic) Help

    Hey, I'm trying a ketogenic diet outlined by Dorian yates. Mainly looking to cut body fat, particularly from the midsection, which is the only place i really have it left.

    13-14% BF

    Diet is as follows, but will be changed when it gets boring, keeping macros the same:

    Meal #1: 5 whole omega-3 eggs.
    Meal #2: 7oz meat (lean beef, chicken, or fish) with 1/3 cup raw almonds.
    Meal #3: 40g whey protein with 1.5 tablespoons all natural peanut butter (post-workout meal).
    Meal #4: 8oz meat with 1 cup asparagus with 1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil.
    Meal #5: 40g whey protein with 2 tablespoons all natural peanut butter.
    Meal #6: 4 whole omega-3 eggs with 4 extra egg-whites.

    Total = 2200 calories
    90-100 g fat, 230-250g protein, remaining calories will be partitioned into carbs.

    Macros: 45/45/10

    Staple Supps:

    Oxymega Green
    Green tea

    Currently using with this:

    erase 2/day
    clen 80-120mcg/day
    natadrol 6/day
    anabeta 4/day
    T3 50mcg/day


    M - bi/chest
    T - cardio
    W - Tri/back
    T - cardio
    F - Legs
    S - cardio

    Abs every other day. Cardio is HIIT once a week and LISS the remaining times.

    Input is appreciated

  2. looks good.

    honestly id condense it into 2-3 larger meals.

    and replace whey with 99% lean ground turkey and for the fat have some macadamia nuts or wholly molly guacamoly (literally wholy molly is the brand).

    Id cut out the PB for goat cheese as its easier to weigh as opposed to PB harder to find the table spoons . plus something to chew, makes it better.

  3. oh and id increase protein to about 285

  4. shoulders?

  5. i usually incorporate shoulders into my chest day with military presses and a few others.

  6. looking good!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jamesm11 View Post
    i usually incorporate shoulders into my chest day with military presses and a few others.

    gotcha, just found it u didnt list lol


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