Just picked up some LipoDerm Ultra and Capsaicin....Here we go!!!

  1. Just picked up some LipoDerm Ultra and Capsaicin....Here we go!!!

    OK, so I FINALLY found some Lipoderm Ultra (will be here Thursday, 8 Sept) and picked up some Capsaicin roll-on from CVS.

    I've read through a ton of threads and Friday morning (9 Sept) I'm going to start the regimine.

    I'm planning on doing the applications 2 times a day for as long as the Lipoderm lasts.

    I'll be taking measurements and logging it for my own personal edification, but I will post as well if people are interested.


  2. Ok, so the Lipoderm Ultra came early, so I started my Cap-Lipoderm U regimine today (7 Sept). I got the roll-on Cap so application would be easier. I rolled a nice little layer on handles and lower stomach, waited about 2 minutes to let air dry and then on came the Lipoderm U. 1 pump on each handle and then 2 pumps on the stomach and rubbed it all in. Upon initial thought, not bad, nice and tingly. Waited 5 minutes.....HOLY $HIT!!!! Burn baby burn!! I've been told the first week-ish is the worst until I get used to it, so Im sure I can manage to get through it. Im going to post weekly results as needed.

    Initial info:
    Active Duty USMC
    31 yrs old
    17% BF
    Waist: 38.5"
    Neck: 20"
    Height: 69"
    **BF is USMC BF calculator by taking waist circumference - neck circumference and give a value. Take the value, bounce it off your height on our table, and blam...rudimentary BF %

    I'm still within the USMC BF% regulation, but I've recently started TRT and with the addition of new Test, that my body's been missing for years apparantly, I've started to get biggger. Not necessarily in a bad way per sey, but albeit the same. Im just looking to cut down some and now that its turning into fall time and winter here in the DC area, I have plenty of time to clean bulk, whilst staying in regs. Also, I'm fixing to go on deployment in January 12 so hopefully thatll let me concentrate on doing what I want in the gym without other distractions.

    PS.....Anyone looking for loggers, Im down for anything to lean out.....

    Thanks y'all. Hope this helps...

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