whats the best fat loss out of these

  1. whats the best fat loss out of these

    out of all the fat loss drugs out there which one of these would you say is the best
    oxyelite pro,
    DNP(probably the best but not very good choice)

    i was thinking t3 but ive heard the liquid form from research labs are not very accurate and they dont buffer them and they dont stay potant for very long

  2. Well, OEP has been backed by several university studies and you'll lose a huge amount of bf% if dosed properly and used with a good diet. I was looking more into Recreate from USP labs themselves (the same creators of OEP) and it has less stim, but the same fat burning capabilities of a hardcore fat burner. I actually recommend it more than OEP if your looking to preserve greater amounts of lean muscle mass and have an energy boost instead of a stimulance boost.

    You can do that, and also look into Keto dieting.

  3. I can vouch for Clen. Dosed properly, it's intense! Just don't mind the shakes >.>

  4. Clen/T3 combo is pretty hard to beat assuming you can easily get your hands on both.

  5. A good diet will beat all of those.

  6. True that. I'm assuming if anyone is even considering clen and t3 for fat loss then they know enough to know how to diet properly.

    perhaps I give too much credit, haha.

  7. thanks for the response guys i know these things about them
    ive read that on t3 that your diet dont have to be strict cause your body is like a furnace and burns everything including muscle if over 50mcg a day

    clenbuterol will give you the shakes and can cause cramps at over 50mcg a day and have to take tourine for it and it will keep you awake all night even taking it at nine in the morning dammit lol ,guess cause of the half life of it is 36 hours

    dnp can kill you and also lathargy as hell

    oep is a strong herbal supplement but have to have a clean diet to work real well
    sure the stims in it well help control hunger untill it wears off

    heard good things about recreate but need very clean diet to

    does this soud right

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    A good diet will beat all of those.
    ^^^YES! You don't need supplements for fat loss - the Basic Staples (creatine, multivitamin/antioxidant, good fats, protein, and BCAAs) will do. NUTRITION AND TRAINING are what are going to get you results!

    Review The 3 Keys to Fat Loss for comprehensive advice and information on nutrition, supplementation (only the basics required), and training for effective and successful fat loss.

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MakaveliThaDon View Post
    Clen/T3 combo is pretty hard to beat assuming you can easily get your hands on both.

    and a very very solid diet. You need to be on some sort of anabolic or you will lose muscle.

  10. I've tried every one of them in that list besides DNP, which you really should consider taking off the "to try in the future" list you've got going on. Besides death and the fact you can boil from the inside out i've seen a 9 days log done with it and I dont think the sides are worth the results.

    In my honest opinion, if your diet isn't in check (as mine still isn't but i'm dumb enough to keep wasting money on this ****) then you should'nt worry about any of this until you get to a certain bodyfat where you need that certain edge to get lower.

    With that said, in my personal opinion ephedrine is one of the best things i've ever tried but if you dont read up on it and take it after 4pm be prepared to have insomnia like you've never seen before...was up 42 hours straight after taking 75mg spread out through the day.

  11. I plan on running a t3 for the first time and was hoping to get a consensus on what is good time to take... I don't need to be walking in the office all cracked out. thanks boys

  12. jajajaja DNP. Come at me death!

  13. clen does it for me. yohimbine is just an energy booster for me, never noticed much results but its a nice kick. i wanna try oxy cuz of the reviews and i mite jump on it next week
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)


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