Animalbolics Diet, burning fat intelligently

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  1. Don't use the explanation given by animal, well, at least for the most part, if you want to try to understand this thing. The easiest explanation, as it was given to me is, Keto throughout the day, then 2 post workout carb meals (1 shake, 1 solid food meal) and thats it. I'm saying screw the fructose idea, I don't think it does anything positive and wardog did not use this in his practice and still was successful.

  2. You can effectively be in ketosis half a day at a time? Thought the metabolism took longer to shift than that, an that you'd be eating your skeletal muscle with glyconeogenesis until you did. Am I utterly and entirely mistaken?

  3. It sure does take longer for me to shift in regards to a keto diet..hehe... nah, The idea is just that you are not consuming carbs throughout the day hehe..

  4. shift... teeheehee, I get it...

  5. So you are burning muscle tissue, but you don't care because you're burning more fat, without the... Shifting difficulty that keto gives you?

  6. How did you deduce that one is burning muscle tissue?

  7. Maybe I'm mistaken, I thought that when the body started getting low on liver stored glycogen and such, it would start converting amino acids from the muscles, unless the metabolism had converted to using ketones for its primary fuel.
    I didn't go around and look up too many articles, but here's something from this site:****744 &highlight=glyconeogenesis
    High intensity weight training and any other highly stressful condition depletes Glutamine stores and increases the need for the Glutamine production. Unfortunately even though
    our body can synthesize this amino acid from the other amino acids (glutamic acid, isoleucin and valine) it appears that body's ability to produce Glutamine doesn't replenishes what was lost during intense training or stress...
    Some bodybuilders on their low carbohydrate diets also take excess amount of Glutamine preferring to get glucose from non-carbohydrate source (Glutamine can be converted into
    glucose by glyconeogenesis process).

  8. You are talking about HIIT exercise it seems. Yeah, when your liver glycogen levels are low or depleted while doing HIIT, the body will be forced to resort to both stored aminos and fatty acids to support ATP. This is essentially the debate between High and low/moderate intensity exercise and its role in muscle wasting.



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