My Cut Diet (Macros and workout plan Included) Opinion Needed

  1. My Cut Diet (Macros and workout plan Included) Opinion Needed

    Meal 1 - 1 Cup oats, 6 Egg whites
    Meal 2 - 4oz Turkey, Apple
    Meal 3 - 8oz 93/7 ground, Rice cup
    Meal 4 - 2 Rice Cakes, 2tbsp Naturally more
    Meal 5 - 8oz 93/7, veggies
    Meal 6 - 2 scoops protein

    Protein- 204
    Carbs- 163
    Fat- 56
    Total Calories - 1913

    Stats: 220lbs 5'9", about 15-17% body fat

    Monday- Chest, abs, 45mins cardio
    Tues- Back, 45mins
    Weds- Legs
    Thurs- Arms, abs, 45min
    Fri- Shoulders, abs, 45min
    Sat, Sun- off

    Multi, BCCAs, Creatine (included in protein powder)

  2. 1900 kcal sounds about right. You going to vary your cals on workout vs non-workout days? Maybe somewhere around 300-500 kcal difference.

    I like how your protein is over 200g/day. If I were to suggest a tweak I would probably drop the carbs and bump the fat a bit, but whatever fits into your day...

  3. 1900kcal seems very low

  4. Agreed - maybe sub those rice cakes for some nuts or cheese. In my experience, I like to plan 3-5 different "days" of eating so that i have some variety.

  5. Not that im an expert but that seems super low. Im 5'7" and started at 189 and im at 170 now eating a identical macro nutrients and calorie intake. If your 220 and you bf is that low I would think you have.quite a bit more mass. That makes me think that the calories are low.



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