Diet help

  1. Diet help

    Hey I am somewhat new to the site and weigh like 270 and adding muscle isnt too much of a problem for me but i have a bit of a stomach that i wanna get rid of. I tried the diets and workouts from muscle and fitness but all i seem to end up doing is losing muscle. Does anyone have a good diet for losing weight and adding muscle that i can borrow. I tried searching for it and really didnt find anything on here. Thanks alot guys

  2. A good fat loss diet, but also a really hard one is the UD 2.0 by Lyle McDonald. It's a great way to lose fat fast and retain muscle mass and strength, and even get a little stronger sometimes. It will be hard though to lose alot of fat and gain muscle because you will have to be on a caloric deficit one way or another to lose fat.

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