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    My sister wants to take this stuff anyone have success with it. And my mom is sold that it works and won't beleive that anything else does because she bought into the advertising lol. So I'm just wondering whether I should tell them to just get oxy elite pro or something along those lines instead of this stuff.
    here's the website
    Healthe Trim, Get high school skinny, The most powerful natural weight loss product

  2. Man, this stuff is all I ever hear about on my radio. The company bought commercials, paid DJs to do live on the air endorsements, and the owner is actually in the studio a lot doing contests and stuff. But all of South Florida seems to be loving this.

  3. yeah same here but I don't listen to the radio to much and what they say about how the herbs work is so generic and bs like "promotes weight loss". I beleive it helps but I bet there is better stuff out there that doesn't try to convince you it works by saying that about all it's items in a prop blend.

  4. They're big gimmick is that it is basically willpower in pill form. Oh, the female DJ goes on and on about she forgot her HealthyTrim and ate a box of donuts. But- hooray- she remembered it today. There's some green tea which they talk about a little bit for energy but their main thing they're trying to get into your head is that it'll magically give you willpower.

  5. I bet they don't site their studys on how they work lol.

  6. No at all. They love to say that it's all natural, they loooove saying that. They love to cite the energy from the tiny amount of green tea in it. And they say it helps your self control without saying how.

  7. From personal experience "Sisters" and "Moms" usually need more activity and a more proper diet than they do supplements.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    From personal experience "Sisters" and "Moms" usually need more activity and a more proper diet than they do supplements.
    I've been telling them that and chanting how supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT your diet not make you lose fat magically.

  9. Sadly supplements often provide motivation that has been missing.


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