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    Does anyone have a good iPhone app for weght loss or tracking ur progress I have beeen in the road for while and not done yet Internet access is shady at best. Thanks

  2. Weightbot by Tapbots is what I've been using. It's cheap, easy to use, and gives you daily, monthly and continuous graphs, as well as goal progress and averages. No in depth BMI, but I like it for how convenient it is.

  3. My net diary is ok for free, doesnt offer to many meals just 3 and a snack.

    ive used fitday but takes to long to plug stuff in
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  4. Thanks all for the response. I have been using tactio and lose it. Both free and wide range of options

  5. Tactio and lose it. Been using for the last year or so and working greeat

  6. my fitness pal for tracking cals and such. You can scan barcodes if you have internet access, and if not you can plug in numbers for food items.
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