cytomel (t3) and Drone (dienedrone)

  1. cytomel (t3) and Drone (dienedrone)


    I am new to this and been working hard for 4 mts now, BF% 48 when i started and now down to 26% but all has stalled, now in a Protein only diet.

    I am considering stacking the above, 3wk cycle of T3 and then Drone for 3 wks and then another cycle of T3, I want to get to BF% of 10-12 in 9 wks.

    I am hitting the Gym, 3 x weight sessions and 1 cadio per wk. (Weight sessions wk1 legs, upper body, legs. Wk 2 Upper, legs, upper)

    100k squat 3x10
    270K Leg press 3x10
    70k leg ext, 3x10
    100kg Straight leg dead lift, 3x10
    120kg Calf Raises, 3x10
    and then Abs

    70kg chest press 3x10
    8kg cable fly supper set with press-ups 3x10
    Pull ups
    32kg one arm row 3x10
    20 kg Skull crush, supper set Bicep curls, 3x10
    dips, supper set hammer curls 16kg 3x10
    40 kg shoulder press 3x10
    8 kg Lateral raises 3x10
    8kg, 6kg, 4kg, 2 kg, 0kg lateral raises to fail supper sets

    Any Ideas or advice appreciated



  2. Is this a serious post?

  3. yes !! why do you think its not?

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