starting summer cut/posible show later on

  1. starting summer cut/posible show later on

    So summers here, and ive been told of a level 1 show coming up in august that i may be interested in. Ive done 1 about a year and a half ago..went pretty well.

    So as for now its been 1 week coming off a bulk into a cut, and im natty at the moment. ( dont plan on staying that way for more than few more weeks) and ive been manipulating my diet and starting cardio.

    Im about 5'9 199 lbs. hard to say where my bf% is id guess about 15% or so.

    Diet looks like this

    cardio ( morning cardio gona start with 4-5 days a week) 30 min

    meal 1 : 1 cup oats 50 grams whey

    meal 2 : 1 cup quinoa or brown rice 8-10 oz inside round steak

    meal 3: 50 grams whey 2 tbs natty pb or 48 almonds

    meal 4 : 1 cup quinoa or rice 8 oz chicken breast

    meal 5: 1-2 cups broccoli 8-10 oz chicken or 2 cans tuna

    meal 6: 2 tbs Natty pb 50 grams whey

    days i train ill have a shake with 25 g protein and about 50 carbs (some is sugar yes) after i lift

    i do a 5 day split

    legs/ chest n bis/ off/back n traps/legs/ shoulders n tris/off

    depending on how crazy i wanna get im gon start a stack of gear. ill get into that later

    ill be doing ECA ina few days aswell and clen later on.

    anyone see any alterations that can be made or suggestions?

  2. ugh sunday and ive already cheated...went out with some friends, we got hungry and went to eat.

    it has been a week i guess since i started dieting so meh. kinda slacking on cardio tho. cheat meal was 7 oz steak, 2 eggs, 2 dry pieces of whole wheat toast and a few bites of potatoe spuds. coulda been worse i guess.

    im gona turn this into a log i think. never did it b4 so ill try it out

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