Question about Clen, ECA & Cardio...

  1. Question about Clen, ECA & Cardio...


    Is Clen (Liquid) Okay to be taken with Primatene & Asprin? I would probably be leaving out the Caffine Pills until week 2 or 3 of taking Clen. Ive done this before..but asking about its compatability this time around..

    I would plan on only taking Clen right before the Gym, to give me that Boost..I lost 68 Lbs, and was using clen during that duration...End result, I lost ALOT of weight using Clen, ECA, and Eating Alot less than I did...But looking back on pictures, I was "Skinny" (Still had some flab) but no muscle definition.


    Im trying to cut 35 Lbs of weight ...OR so id like to "look" 35lbs I am going to start a routine like this:

    Thurs: Weights - Warmup Cardio
    Friday: Heavy Cardio (Running, Excersize's, and "Leg" Workouts)
    Sat: Weights - Warmup Cardio
    Sun: Heavy Cardio (Running, Excersize's, and "Leg" Workouts)
    Mon: Weights - Warmup Cardio
    Tues: Off (Will try to keep active one way or another..maybe a bike ride/etc)
    Wed: Off (Will try to keep active one way or another..maybe a bike ride/etc)

    In general, I am 5'11 220 Lbs atm. Would like to get to 190~ or look about that or less, while being lean, and having Tone...Nothing "Major" but would like defined Arms, legs, and possibly abs instead of this gut/love handles I have currently.

    Any Ideas/tips? Like i said, I went from 268 to 204 in about 5 months...but want to do it while having Tone/Definition this time around.

  2. I could be wrong, but clen should not be used while using ephedrine as in primatene. Clen should be used 2 weeks on 2 off for no more than 6 weeks. You will have receptor shutdown and if using ephedrine at the same time they will compete for receptor sites and really strain your system. Also you must remember the strain it puts on your heart

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