Critique my Routine for Upcoming Cut?

  1. Critique my Routine for Upcoming Cut?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going on a cruise in 7.5 weeks and looking to do a nice cut/recomp until then. I am 6'ft tall and currently weight 216lbs - with a goal of losing at least 15lbs of fat while maintaining or even gaining some lbm.


    Protodrol or Hdrol (along w/ support supps and PCT)

    I'm starting the proto or hdrol next Monday and will run for 5 wks at 50/50/75/75/75

    Was looking for any suggestions/links/etc to good lifting routines for a cut. I was considering something like this.

    Workout A - Chest/Shoulder/Tri

    Flat Bench - 3x10
    Incline Bench - 3x10
    Shoulder Press - 3x10
    Lateral Raises or Upright Rows - 3x10
    Skull Crushers or Dips - 3x10

    Workout B - Back/Bi/Legs

    Lat Pull - 3x10
    Single Arm Rows - 3x10
    Shrugs - 3x10
    Bi-cept Curls - 3x10
    Squats - 3x10
    Hamstring Curls - 3x10

    Full Routine as follows:

    Day 1 - Workout A
    Day 2 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 3 - Workout B
    Day 4 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 5 - Workout A
    Day 6 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 7 - Workout B
    Day 8 - HIIT morn & night + abs
    Day 9 - Workout A

    Rinse and Repeat with occasional rest days thrown in there about once a week. I'll be running fairly low carb/high protein/moderate fat for the diet. Focusing on lean meats and avoiding processed carbs like the plague.

    Any suggestions/feedback/etc? I want to maximize my results, but worried about overtrainging. Hoping the hdrol/protodrol will aid my recovery time and add/preserve lbm to enhance my cut.

  2. This look ok guys? Anyone care to post their favorite routine for lifting on a cut?

  3. well first off your not technically cutting. Cutting i believe is more of a term where fat loss is main goal, with LBM taking a bit of a hit. This provides the fastest fat loss, at expensive of LBM. so your more looking at a recomp, or simply just trying to lose BF. Try pumping your reps up to 15, and use your workouts as circuits. in order to keep heart rate up, after one circuit, jump rope or something to keep heart rate up but give muscles some time to rebound, then hit it again.

    Edit: i missed the part about your hdrol cycle. In that case you need to decided what your MAIN goal is, fat loss or gaining some LBM. If it is fatloss, my recommendation would be pretty solid, but if your trying for more of a recomp then i'd keep your weight training heavy and add cardio. If you still train heavy 6-10 reps you'll be able to build some muscle and still use enough energy to wor some of the fat off, and more muscle means more cals burned so, you know where i'm going with this,

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