Diet posted, lower protein or carbs??

  1. Diet posted, lower protein or carbs??

    21 years old, 5'9" 178lb arms are 15" so im going to guess i should be somewhere around 150lb lean. you can see the vein on my bicep when i flex and the seperation between the left and right side of my abs but no definition and you can grab fat.

    I hear people say keep 20% fat or your test will drop and dont lower carbs you wont have energy for a workout. so I'm not sure what i should be cutting next from my diet.

    Also I don't know anybody who diets like this so some assurance that I'm not vitamin deficient or doing something wrong would be nice, although i take a multivitamin every 2nd day.

    30min cardio every day weights 3-4 times a week
    I eat this same thing every day and have for the past 2 months. I dont know my maintnance i think it should be about 2800, and I lose about 1/2lb a week at this calorie level. I'm aiming for something like 2200 cals lowering by 100 a week.

    140 cal- (2) 50g egg 150cal
    220 cal 50GI?- (2) whole wheat bread
    80 cal - 25GI- GRAPEFRUIT 3 1/2" dia

    60cal 37GI- pear
    180cal 32GI skim milk
    120 cal 30g protein powder whey
    40cal 5g- flax oil

    12:30 LUNCH
    120cal 150g tuna yellowfin
    90cal 66GI?- (3) canned pineapple
    240cal oatmeal (2/3 cup)
    90cal - (14) olives canned

    60cal 60 cal 100g (1/2 cup) mixed veg.
    90cal skim milk
    120cal 30g protein powder milk casein
    40cal - (3 tbsp) Oat bran powder
    40cal 5g flax oil

    5:30 DINNER
    140 cal 120g chicken breast
    240 cal oatmeal (2/3 cup)
    50 cal 1 1/2 cup frozen green beans

    50cal apple (gala)
    180cal skim milk (500g 2 cups)
    120cal 30g- protein powder casein/milk

    180cal (1 cup) cottage cheese %1
    60cal 37GI- Fresh pear

    Cal Total -2750
    approx %38protein %44carb %18fat


  2. In general, down the carbs a little and up the protein.

    For dinner exchange the oatmeal with some veggies.

    ...and for your PWO shake don't use casein or milk(80%casein/20%whey) protein. Those are slow absorbing proteins. What you need for a PWO is a Whey Isolate (or even Hydrolized if you can down that stuff), a fast absorbing protein.

  3. Lower the carbs and none after 6 or so, also i would dump the skim milk as well, lactose is not the best while cutting, also if you want fruit eat then at breakfast only or diet looks clean but more geared to a bulk, not a cut

    As far as carbs go get the most at breakfast and pre workout...this has worked for me, but for some reason on saturdays beers sneak in to my diet

  4. I just get the cheapest protein I can find $40 for a 5lb tub 20g protein 120cal serving prostar by ultimate nutrition. such a good value. but maybe ill look into buying a 2nd brand of isolate for PWO like you say.

    Mindless: thats a good idea ill scratch the 240 cal of oats and replace it with 120 of veggies maybe i can make some sort of stiryfry without any oils.

    jayts22: I thought lactose was the slowest digesting sugar?? ok so after I take Mindless's idea I'll cut the milk next and replace it with water as i lower my calorie intake.

    --ok so all the pears i'm eating i should replace with green beans or mix veg? i dont see why I should eliminate the fruit, pears are 37 on the GI and corn, being a vegetable and is in my mixed veggies bag, is between 70-80 on the GI.

    soo not sure i agree with that i mean even whole wheat bread is higher on the GI or is the corn and bread better because its a complex carb? i need a little bit of enlightenment here

    a pear is a better choice than corn am i wrong???

  5. As far as macronutrient percentages, you should be pretty good. I ran a 45% carb, 35% pro, 20% fat and went 11 - 7 percent in just over four weeks. I would just focus on making your carbs complex and low gi. Switch some milk carbs for brown rice. Did me wonders.

    Keep it up bud. Love your diet focus!

  6. Ah okay thanks for the input and encouragement Carcaya. I think my question should have been 'What should I cut from my diet?'

    I'll cut the milk and some fruit and replace it with brown rice, spinach, and broccoli


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