calorie cycling on CKD

  1. calorie cycling on CKD

    so for my first week i lost a bunch of weight on CKD. during the second week my weight loss has stalled. i was only about 1.5-2lbs below my lowest weight.

    during the week i was getting about 1900 calories. today is my refeed, and i am thinking about upping my calories up to about 2500 calories for the next two days after today, then dropping back down to 1800 or so for the remaining 3-4 days till my refeed. i tried something like this on a one day on, one day off basis ( the higher cal, then low cal) without results.

    opinions? any of yall on CKD run into this problem? as far as macros go, i have been eating about 55P/40%F, with about <18 carbs ( including psyllium) so about 14C.

    help please. i need to look like an anatomy chart by mid september and i need to be on the right track.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. I'm a frequent user of the Anabolic Diet and it always gives me great results, in fact when I cut I only use low carb diets. I can pretty much guarantee 80% of the weight you lost in the first week was water, that being said, never weigh yourself after carb ups, I gained 20lbs once, complete confidence killer.

    With the calories when I did the Anabolic diet I would start, with high calories, around 4,000 a day, and then taper down 500 a week until I reached about 2,000, then run that level until I stalled out. This is where I would add an ECA stack, works wonders with high fat diets. Once this stalled, take a two week break going back to high calories, dont be scared to, I never gained fat during this rebound. I would put on about a .5 lb of muscle.

    Thats what worked with me, everyone's different but I am confident this will work for you.

    I would start at 2500, and make sure you have weekly depletion workouts ( ie circuits, and sprints) and make carb-ups no longer than 12-24 hrs, and make sure they are super clean

  3. thankyou for the response. i will certainly try it.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. I didnt look at your stats, your literally half my size, I would cut back 250 cals a week until you reach a weight loss of 1.5 - 2 lbs a week, weigh yourself morning of carb-up, before eating anything this is crucial.

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